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Coronado Middle School May 26-29, 2020



Always make them count!


May 26:TLT Meeting at 3:00 pm

May 27: 8th grade Zoom with Ms. Mellina at 10:30 am 8th Grade Meeting Zoom Link

  • Staff Meeting at 2:00 pm (Department)

May 28: Promotion Support sign up due Promotion Staff Sign-Up

  • Karin Office Hours 10:00 am-11:00 am
  • CMS Virtual Talent Show 11:00 am on CMS Tritons PS page

May 29: 8th grade completion rate document completed

June 1: Staff Meeting 9:30 am - 10:30 am

June 2: Department Meetings at 2:00 pm-3:00pm

Promotion speakers recording in quad

June 3: 8th grade keepsake video due Link: Vidhug (info below)

  • NO Staff Meeting today

June 4: Student books/materials drop off & pick up (PE and lost and found) 8-12:30pm

  • CUSD Board Meeting at 4:00 pm

June 5: Student books/materials drop off & pick up (and lost and found) 8-12:30pm

June 8: Staff Meeting 9:30 am - 10:30 am

June 9: Virtual Awards Ceremony on KCMS 10:00 am

June 10: Promotion Drive Through 10:00 am-2:00 pm

  • Virtual Promotion Ceremony on KCMS 6:00 pm

June 12: Grading window closes at 3:00 pm

  • 20-21 Supply Lists due to Dollyanne (from dept. leaders)
  • Classroom check out completed

Staff Meeting Zoom Link

Karin: Office Hours Zoom Link

Messages from Karin

Best wishes, Stacy: YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you for your commitment to our students and staff for the past year and a half. You've been an exceptional addition to our Triton Family! We're so grateful for you!!

Thank you, Misty Kint: You’ve been an absolute gift to CMS! I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to support the staff and students. You’re the BEST!

Best wishes, Katie Martel: Thank you for all you have done for our Tritons. We're grateful for your commitment to our kids. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure in Poway!

Thank you, Allyson Heyen: Thank you for doing such outstanding work with your students and our team. We're so lucky to have you at CMS! You're a superstar!

Thank you, Sarah Cammann: Your kindness, support, and positivity is so appreciated. You did an outstanding job with our students and our staff.

Staff Meeting at 2:00 pm:Wednesday at 2:00 pm Please make note of other dates.

Tritons of the Month: Thank you for selecting the Tritons of the Month for March, April, and May. Ryan and I will be holding a Zoom lunch with them in June. We'll let you know the date and time in case you want to stop in and say hi!

Master Schedule: Placements have been communicated. Master schedule is in the works! Thanks for your patience:)

Being on Campus: Please follow safety and security protocols if you visit the site and any shared spaces (workroom, office, staff lounge). Please use wipes and sanitizer and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. Please be sure that all doors are CLOSED and LOCKED.


CMS Zoom Meeting Links: Staff, Department, Grade Level

Link to Superintendent Mueller Message May 22, 2020

Triton News May 26-29, 2020

Link to Karin's YouTube

Teaching and Learning

This is the Last Week of Instruction: Starting June 1, please do not provide students with any new instructional material or distance learning assignments.

Grades: The grading window will open on May 29th and close on June 12th at 3:00 pm. Reminder: Students will receive a Pass (P) or Not Pass (NP) which you will indicate in Synergy. We will not be providing citizenship grades. Please contact students receiving an NP.

Student Enrichment: The District Office will be sending out enrichment opportunities for the first two weeks on June. If you would like to post activities, students will still have access to PowerSchool. You do not, however, need to provide feedback

Planning Meetings: Department Leaders will be updating this document with information regarding planning meetings/times/Zoom links for the weeks of June 1- June 12. I will be using this document so I know when and where teams are meeting. Collaboration meeting information.

Thoughts: Please document your questions and thoughts regarding distance learning planning for June by Tuesday at 3:00 pm. June 2020 - Questions/Ideas

Professional Learning Opportunities: Please contact your department leader regarding All virtual PL opportunities you'd like to attend. Department leaders will share the information with TLT in case there are others who may also want to attend . For PL requiring a payment, a PL Request form needs to be completed and submitted to your department leader, Dollyanne and me. Reminder: Dollyanne schedules attendance but does not approve PL.

From the CUSD Learning Department

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Awards and Promotion - ALL STAFF - Please READ

IT TAKES A DEDICATED TEAM!!! Thank you for ALL of your wonderful support. It's terrific to have so many of you stepping up and stepping in to make this a spectacular event for our 8th graders!!! Thank you, Triton Family!!

8th Grade Awards Recording: Teacher presenters, please have your recording placed in the shared folder in the Google drive by Friday, May 29th. Thank you, Michelle and KCMS for creating this awards video to go along with the live broadcast from the KCMS studio on June 9th at 10:00 am. FINAL Awards Program 2020

Keepsake Video: ALL STAFF: We are putting together a video for the 8th graders as they depart from CMS. Please take about 20 seconds to record yourself wishing the 8th graders farewell. The platform we are using to create this video is VidHug. To use VidHug, you click on the link below and it will take you right where you need to record your video.

Please have your video completed by June 3rd. Vidhug. Contact Laurie Fountain if you have questions.

Promotion Event on June 10th: Thank you, Michelle, Brooke B., Amanda, and Laurie for volunteering to help with coordination.

Let's get ready to celebrate our awesome 8th graders! We will be hosting a drive-through 8th Grade Promotion on June 10th. To make this happen for our 8th graders, we would love your support. Some of the tasks while maintaining social distancing and wearing face coverings include:

  • Holding signs and cheering on our students
  • Supporting photo op with Michelle
  • Placing gift bags into car trunks
  • Directing traffic

Please use this link to sign up by May 28th: Promotion Staff Sign-Up Thanks in advance for your continued dedication to our students! Please contact Brooke Barto if you have any questions.

8th grade Promotion News Link

Karin's Office Hours and Meetings


  • Please continue to send me a Zoom invite to one planning /discussion meeting every week.

Recurring Link: Karin: Office Hours Zoom Link

Thurs. May 28: 10:00 am-11:00 am

Messages from Alison

TRANSITION MEETINGS: Thank you so much to Karin and Amy for joining me in the 5th to 6th grade transition meetings this week and next week. The incoming 5th graders are excited to become Tritons!

Messages from Ryan

Books and Materials Dropoff: Students will be dropping off textbooks and materials on June 4th and 5th. Specific information will be shared with parents in the weekly Triton News. CMS staff members will record which students drop off which books on a class roster (and/or on the document you provided). As a precaution, after students have dropped off books, we will wait a few days before moving them to your classrooms.

End of Year Teacher Checkout: We plan to follow our traditional teacher check-out routine the week of June 12. CUSD is making plans to ensure everyone can safely pack up their classrooms for the summer. A checklist will be provided in your mailbox. If you will be unable to come to campus the week of June 12, please contact me to discuss alternate arrangements.

Referrals: Please continue to use this link for any disciplinary referrals you need to send. Please send me an email to let me know when a referral is given so I can check the form.

AP Office Hours: Feel free to stop by to share needs, ask questions, or just to say hello.

→ Tuesdays 8 am - 9 am: link to Zoom meeting

→ Thursdays 2 pm - 3 pm: link to Zoom meeting

Counseling Corner

Weekly counseling lessons and resources for students will be posted on our PowerSchool page but also in the Wave for your reference. This lesson gives students the opportunity to reflect on this past school year and look ahead to next school year. Counseling lesson for the week of May 25.

The elective class form for the 2020-2021 school year for current 6th and 7th graders to complete is available to students on the counseling PowerSchool page. The deadline for students to submit the form has been extended to Friday May, 29th.

Teacher’s aide (TA): If you are interested in having a teacher’s aide for next school year, please send the following link to the student you would like to invite: REMINDER: TA positions are for 8th graders, only. If you have a 7th grader that has expressed interest, please notify Paulina and me prior to inviting them as your TA.

Teacher’s Aide Invitation Letter. You may use the script below when sending the letter to the student.

Dear ___________:

I would like to invite you to be my teacher’s aide for next school year! Being a TA provides a behind the scenes work-experience opportunity in my CMS classroom and it is a privilege sought after by many students but available to a limited few. As a TA, you will perform a variety of duties such as: organizing materials, supporting classroom activities, and much more. (add any information you’d like )

TAs must have a good work ethic, are expected to demonstrate the 8 Keys of Excellence, and maintain confidentiality as they may see or hear the private information.

· Accepting assignments with a positive attitude – Commitment

· Being reliable to work without being supervised - Integrity

· Following through when given a task – Ownership

· Taking initiative to do tasks without being asked – This Is It

By accepting this TA position, this will become your elective choice for the school year. You will be graded on a pass/fail basis, but you will receive a grade for citizenship. TA positions are not guaranteed. You will find out if you are a teacher's aide when you receive your schedule in August.

If you are interested, please review and complete this form with your parent/guardian by June 1st.

CUSD Retirement Celebration - June 4th at 4:00pm

It’s time to honor these wonderful CUSD employees. This year’s recognition will take place at the beginning of the June 4th Board Meeting which will be televised on Spectrum Cable, Channel 19 and on the internet at

Tracy Walmsley

John Coolidge, Kathy Couture, Eileen Farrell,

Debra Hatheway, Constance Johnson, Karen Maggio

Steve Patrick, Wendy Toomey, Sandra White

California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)

TEACHERS: Please post this on your PS page for the last week of instruction.

This California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is voluntary. The information provided will help guide district and school efforts to promote safety, enhance learning supports, improve student achievement, and reduce health risks that stand as barriers to learning.

This is an anonymous survey. It is designed so that no one can be identified from the data. Students do not have to respond to any questions that they feel could be used to identify them. Instruct them to simply skip any such questions.

The results are for the use of the district. CDE and WestEd will preserve data confidentiality and refer any data requests to the district.


Messages from Kevin and ASB

It’s Talent Show Time! The Talent Show will be hosted virtually on Powerschool on the CMS Tritons Page at 11:00 a.m. on May 28th! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality!

ASB wants to thank everyone for their support throughout the year. This year we were able to do a lot of firsts and look forward to continuing to provide opportunities for our Triton family when we return. Thanks again!

Messages from Laurie - iLab

This week's challenge!

Let me know if you'd like me to join your meetings to help with distance learning!

Messages from Megan

This week's library update is a bit different, and I’m going to get a little personal here.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Stay in your own hula hoop”?

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot right now. In some ways, our life is even more unknown today than it was months ago when we last saw each other. Then, we had stamina to focus on the unknown. We had faith that we were doing the right thing for everyone. I share this with you all today because maybe someone you love (or you yourself) are spinning with uncertainty. My kids are spinning a LOT. When they start worrying about what other people are doing, not doing, what the future holds, or any other unknown, I say “that’s not in your hula hoop”. If you envision a hula hoop around you, and something is happening outside that space, it isn’t yours to worry about.

So how do we make stress work for us during stressful times? We can make stress work for us once we realize that it's our mindset about stress that matters most.

It’s my job as the “Keeper of the Books” to tell our kids to read. To support them in their love of reading. But what I’m really doing is giving them tools to be independent, to seek the truth, to regulate their emotions by taking personal breaks. But our kids need to see us doing this too. Studies show that it only takes 6 minutes of reading to reduce our stress levels by two thirds, and it works better and faster than any other method, including listening to music, going on a walk, or sitting down with a cup of tea. Today I’m providing you with a list of my personal favorite books, books that are varied in content but have all affected me at some point in my life. My wish for all of you is that today, tomorrow, and next week you can sit in your hula hoop with a loved one and a good book, and remember that there are stories in everything, and reading keeps hope alive.

Tech Update

The link that will answer many of your questions! Make this a Favorite on your Bookmark Bar.

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Triton Shout Outs to Tracy!!!

Tracy it's been a pleasure to know you as a teacher, colleague, and friend. You are someone that is inspiring and uplifting. I will miss our "taste" ventures.

Tracy, you're so special. Thank you for all you've done for the CMS community, and most importantly, for your friendship. We love you, and we already miss you! - Ryan

Tracy, thanks for supporting us in seeing the arts that's all around us in this profession. Thanks for being so welcoming and friendly! Wishing you the absolute best. -Meg Appel

Tracy Walmsley is simply the best. I have loved spending time and collaborating with her over the years! She has such a calm, soothing way about her with some added spunk! I will miss you so very much! Thank you for always being a sounding board and positive force for me! Alison Keehan

Thank you Tracy for being an amazing friend and college. I miss our after school team building in Little Italy!

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy!!! Yay! You are amazing, you are a thoughtful and inspiring educator, co-worker and friend. Thank you for your support and insight!! Lisa Ryan

Tracy Walmsley- You are an amazing person!! I have really enjoyed our conversations over the past two years! You will be missed, but enjoy retirement!! - Kevin D

Trace- Lunch planning sessions, debriefs of our lessons and classroom adventures while out on a walk, memorable sixth-grade camp experiences much fun we have had as Humanities 6 teachers. Grateful that you have been my colleague but mostly that you are a forever friend. Love, Jules

Tracy - I'm sad that we only got to work together for a year! I've enjoyed our conversations and laughs we've shared this year. We will miss you! -Paulina

Tracy, for your friendship and hilarious conversations in the hallways. I will miss eyerolling about our shared kiddos! Laura

Tracy - Thank you for always being so kind and caring! I really appreciate your friendship - Melissa

To Tracy: It has been amazing working with you since I started at CMS! Wishing you all the best. We will miss you! -Adam

Dearest Tracy, wishing you a wonderful new beginning. You will be missed. Kathy C.

You are such an awesome person! I will miss our little hallway chats!! I am so happy and excited for your new journey, INSPIRING! <3 Barto

Tracy, your brand of humor always makes me laugh! I will miss you so much. Seeing you always perks up my spirit, and I hope you the best for your new life in Washington.

Tracy, thank you for being such an incredible friend and colleague. I will miss our talks and always taking the time to see the beauty in this career!

Tracy, Thank you for your warm and friendly personality, your infectious positivity, and your never ending creativity. Most of all thank you so much for selling me your couch at a extremely cheap price. A piece of you will live on in my living room for years to come! Jokes aside, I have loved working with you and wish you a restful and exciting retirement. -Matt Smith

Tracy: I am so honored to have gotten to know you a bit this year, I wish we had more time together! I had fun with you at our VEBA day and thank you for taking on the task of having one of my buddies join you in Art towards the end of the year. You really have an impact on your students and you will be missed! -Amerling

Tracy!! All your positivity and artistic flair! You have THE BEST calm face in all these Zoom meetings as we all stress out. -Byrd

Tracy, While we are so very excited for your new adventure, we are also very sad that we will no longer see you at school. Your shining smile will be truly missed, both by us, and by the myriad of students and parents whose lives you’ve enhanced. May blessings overflow, and laughter and joy be ever present! Blessings, Kim Gomez

To Tracy Walmsley - You made me feel welcome from my first day at CMS. Your warm, inviting smile and calm demeanor were the welcoming committee that I needed. I appreciate our talks and your advice when I asked for it. I will miss your presence and your ability to sense how I was feeling, almost like you knew when I needed someone to talk to. I hope you have a safe and smooth move and that your new community is as welcoming as you were to me. I appreciate you. - Cara Hetrick

Tracy, you are an amazing teacher. I always love walking by the art room and seeing all the creative projects your students are making. We will miss you at CMS. ~Elizabeth

Tracy, Its been a fun 13 years working with you. I wish you nothing but the best on the next part of your journey. - Brian

Tracy - you have been such an amazing teammate and friend. I have enjoyed all of the time I have had collaborating with you in school, and meeting up outside of school. Your smiling face and calm personality will truly be missed.

Tracy, It has been truly been a joy to get to know you and develop a friendship within and outside of the CMS world. I have loved our conversations of daughters' and college and well, just life in general. I will miss you but we will stay in touch! Wishing you only the best!!! Cheers to you!! Nancy

Shout Out to Tracy for three years of awesome 6th Grade Camp Cuyamaca Camaraderie!:

Tracy, to many wonderful and fun years together. I'll miss our chats. I'll miss you. Best wishes, sweet friend!! Always a Triton (and a Pelican!) Love, Karin

Triton Shout Outs to Stacy!!

Stacy: I literally cannot say enough about how much I have loved working with you this year! You have been beyond a pleasure, so incredibly supportive, and someone to laugh with when our friends do silly (inappropriate?) things. I have always felt like I can come to you with anything. Thank you for loving all of our students the way you do. You have a really bright future as an educator. -Amerling

Stacy! I am so happy that you're one of the first people that I met at CMS. Thank you for always being available to listen, provide me with suggestions and help me whenever I needed it. We still need to go on our hike and see the tide pools! Add it to our to-do list. Thanks for being awesome, Stacy. - Meg Appel

Stacy - I've had so much working with you and getting to know you this year. Don't worry, I'll still send you pictures of Winnie :) Wish you all the best!

Stacy, you are a ray of sunshine!! I love our daily check ins, and how you come sailing into my classroom with a huge smile. No matter what is going on, or how much you have to do, or how overwhelmed you may be, you ALWAYS said to me "Is there anything I can do for you?". You are an amazingly fun teacher, and you always have a clever game for the kids to learn while having fun. I will miss you so much! Laura

Stacy: I appreciate the many times you have helped me! -Adam

Stacy, we are so grateful for the time you spent here at CMS! You have made such a positive impact on students, and I have been so privileged to see you grow as an educator. I know you will do great things! - Ryan

Stacy, it has been a true joy every day to be in your class! You have such a love and enthusiasm for science and your kids. It was so evident and I was so happy to be part of the 6th grade science team this year with you!! I wish you nothing but the very best in your next slice of life!! Cheers!!

Stacy wishing you the best of luck in your teaching career. You are so thoughtful and kind and your students will be lucky to have you!

Stacy-you know I think you are great, a terrific Science teacher with the patience of Job! You made it thru past year. That gives you an A+ in my book. Laurie H

Stacy. You have been an incredible partner and it has been wonderful to see you grow into such a great teacher. You have made a phenomenal impact on the lives of all of your students and have enriched them in countless ways. You have been a supporter, partner and friend and I'm really thankful for all you have done. This isn't goodbye, it's a see you later. -Ramirez

Stacey, it was a pleasure being in your class and seeing your smile everyday. You engage with the students and made science something to look forward to everyday. I wish you happiness on your next adventure, but just remember, I am only an email away. All the best❤️ Tina Tafuri

Stacey Salimando - I am so glad that I had you to lean on this year. You have been a rock for me and a sounding board. I appreciate your willingness to listen to me and to check in with me regularly. Our morning talks and afternoon goodbyes will be missed immensely. - Cara

Stacy, you are so committed to your students. I have enjoyed getting to know you, and I wish you the best!

Stacy! You are doing such an amazing job with your students and falling into the team!! You are so appreciated!

Stacy- It has been wonderful to have you on our sixth-grade team. Thanks for always checking in with me to see how my day was going and asking if there was anything you could do to help me out. Love, Julia

Stacy, Your shining smile will be truly missed, both by us, and by the myriad of students and parents whose lives you’ve enhanced. You are an absolute pleasure to work with! May blessings overflow, and laughter and joy be ever present! Blessings, Kim Gomez

Stacy, thank you so much for your kindness and all in, can do attitude. You are done an amazing job and I will miss your smile and our quick, pass by chats in the mornings. Lisa Ryan

Triton Shout Outs to Katie!!

To Katie Martel: Thank you for being an amazing member of our special education team! -Adam

Katie - Best wishes to you! You will be missed! - Ramona

Katie- It was fun to begin my mornings with you this year. Thanks for everything you did while I was away from the classroom to make sure ELA ran smoothly. Love, Julia

Katie, thank you for everything you have done for the students and staff of Coronado Middle School. I appreciate your commitment to your students and your willingness to ask questions and seek to grow as a teacher. We will miss you at CMS but I am excited about the next part of your journey and I know all of your future students will be blessed by your commitment and care. - Ryan

Katie M - It was fun working with you this year! Best wishes! Paulina

Katie Martel - I appreciate your point of view and your willingness to be flexible with your expectations and work with students. You are a great supporter of students and families and I appreciate your input for your students. - Cara

Katie Martel, it was great getting to know you better at our co-teaching PD seminar in Anaheim. Thanks for always being a friendly face in the halls! - Meg Appel

Katie, Your shining smile will be truly missed, both by us, and by the myriad of students and parents whose lives you’ve enhanced. You are a pleasure to work with! May blessings overflow, and laughter and joy be ever present! Blessings, Kim Gomez

Katie M: I remember the first day of CPM training during summer last year and you walked all around the room looking for my name tag so you could introduce yourself to your new co-worker. I knew immediately that we would be friends. Thanks for being a positive sounding board and such a supportive person to share our "friends" with. I will miss you so much but also know that we will see each other and our friendship will continue. I am excited for what your future holds. -Amerling

Katie, best of luck in your teaching career. You are so kind and caring, your students will be lucky to have you!

Katie, thank you so much for all that you have done!!! Lisa Ryan

Triton Shout Outs to Misty!!

Misty, for her awesome Zen approach to loving the kids! You will be missed!

Misty, you have been and continue to be such a gift for our staff and students. You are always part of our CMS family and you have made a positive impact on so many children during your times here. We know we will see you again soon! - Ryan

Misty - you saved me. Thank you for having magical powers and being able to calm me with ease during Distance Learning. I appreciate your patience and dedication towards your students, families and the staff that you work with. You're the best! - Meg Appel

Misty-We missed you the first time you left us. And it’s gonna happen all over again. Wah, wah :( Laurie H

Misty, Your shining smile will be truly missed, both by us, and by the myriad of students and parents whose lives you’ve enhanced. You are an absolute pleasure to work with! May blessings overflow, and laughter and joy be ever present! Blessings, Kim Gomez

Misty! It has been such a joy to work with you again! Your kindness and care has been incredible and i'm so thankful to be your friend. -Ramirez

Misty you are such a part of our CMS family. I will miss your kindness and humor. Kathy

Misty, how incredibly lucky are we that we got to have you back! Thank you. You are a breath of fresh air and positivity! Lisa Ryan

Misty, you are a walking hug. You have the most calming and capable presence, and I have loved getting to know you. Thank you for sprinkling your magic around CMS.

Misty - It has been so wonderful to work with you again! You are an amazing colleague and I hope very much to keep in touch! - Ramona

Misty- how fortunate all of us were to have you back as our counselor this year. You are a positive presence at CMS. Thanks for everything you have done for the students. Love, Julia

To Misty: Thank you for all that you have done to support our students. We really appreciate you! -Adam

Misty Kint - I appreciate all of your support with our students and with their families. I love our check ins and your willingness to take issues off my plate. You are gracious with your time and energy and support. Thank you. - Cara

Misty: I feel like I never left a meeting with you without laughing. Your smile is infectious and you care so much about the kids (and us!). Hopefully someday our furry "co-workers" can meet and lick each other's feet! I will miss you! -Amerling

Triton Shout Outs to Allyson!!!

Allyson, thank you for being you! I have so enjoyed the lunch time chats and you have made such a positive impact on our whole school. Thank you. Lisa Ryan

Allyson- We are so fortunate to have you as a regular guest teacher at CMS. I admire your calm manner, ability to connect with CMS students, no matter what grade level or subject. Love, Julia

Allyson, thank you so much for the commitment you've shown to CMS as an educator and colleague. You have made a positive impact not only on the student you've worked with, but also on your colleagues, and we hope to continue connecting with you next year. You are a gem! - Ryan

Allyson! We were chatting at lunch casually and you mentioned coffee and wine as the necessities. And from that conversation the ONLY thing I thought to bring home that last day was my coffee maker and coffee. AND FOR THAT YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I do not know what would be of me without it!! -Byrd

Allyson - You are awesome! I don't think I tell you that enough. The CMS staff and students were so lucky to have you. We'll miss you! Paulina

Allyson: You have such good ideas in our meetings, I have learned a lot from working with you. And the kids LOVE you! Building relationships is a strength of yours and that is something you cannot teach. I miss running into you several times a day in the hall and I hope to work with you again! -Amerling

Allyson, thank you doesn't really begin to cover it. You have always been such an amazing partner. From 6th grade science planning to popcorn emergencies you have always been someone I could count on and trust. Thank you for everything you have done and i'm very thankful to be your friend. -Ramirez

Allyson: Thank you for all the times you have helped me! -Adam

I am so happy you were able to join our CMS team full time for a little while! You are amazing. I am secretly excited to have you back in the subbing pool!

Allyson, you have been an enormous help to me this year. I love your commitment to helping your students shine!

Allyson - Oh my goodness, what an amazing ride we have had this year! I have loved every minute of working with you. Thank you for being an amazing team member and class-roomate! I will miss working with you every day and I hope to be working with you again. Thank you for your friendship! xoxo - Ramona

Allyson, for being such a dynamic and loved teacher on our staff. You will be missed!


Allyson, Your shining smile will be truly missed, both by us, and by the myriad of students and parents whose lives you’ve enhanced. You are an absolute pleasure to work with! May blessings overflow, and laughter and joy be ever present! Blessings, Kim Gomez

Stacy - You are the most wonderful, kind person and bring so much positive energy to every task. You will be missed! - Ramona

Allyson, thank you for being such an important part of our English team. We will miss you! Kathy

Allyson Heyen - thank you for being the friendliest face that I got to see in between every class period. I will miss being across the hall from you. Thanks for all of your insight with my military questions and the helpful tips for excellent dining locations in San Diego! Thanks for everything. -Meg Appel

Triton Shout Outs to Sarah!!

Sarah: What a year to remember for you! Stepping up as a long term sub in class and then getting married and then distance learning! I have really enjoyed our time in the humanities class and you did an amazing job with the kids and the content. It has been so nice at least to get to still see you during your office hours on line. Wishing you the very best!! Nancy

Sarah C - The CMS staff and students were lucky to have you! Thank you for your hard work. Best wishes! Paulina

Sarah - Best wishes to you! - Ramona

Sarah C.: So I was super excited when I found out you would be filling in for Ryan while he was AP and you would be my new roommate! I am sad for the missed experience, I really think we would have had a lot of fun (although Ryan has pretty big shoes to fill!). I have loved working with you and am super excited for your future as a kick-butt sped teacher! Call me for anything girl. -Amerling

Sarah, thank you for all you have done for the CMS family this year! Your commitment to our staff and students has been exemplary, and we are so grateful to have you as part of our team. - Ryan

Sarah, what an amazing teacher you are. You came thinking it was only a week or two as a sub and then week s went by went by and then Distance Learning, you showed what true commitment is. Even though you couldn’t have your wedding, you met that challenge and conquered It. You did that at CMS for the students. You conquered DL and the time and effort, reflects in the students smile. It was such a joy getting to know you and work with you. Best of luck always🌻🌻

Sarah. You are just awesome. You have a wonderful way of making people feel supported, respected, and cared for and it makes such an impact. Your students adore you and you have been a wonderful friend. Thank you for everything and I hope to work with you again soon- Ramirez

Sarah: Thank you for all your help at CMS! -Adam

Sarah, thank you for being part of our CMS family! Best wishes!!

Sarah, where to begin? I'm thankful for our friendship. I admire your courage and commitment to helping your kiddos and stepping in to finish out the school year (especially during this crazy pandemic). I can't wait to actually complete our to-do list once San Diego opens up again. YOU ROCK SARAH. - Meg Appel

Sarah, Your shining smile will be truly missed, both by us, and by the myriad of students and parents whose lives you’ve enhanced. You are an absolute pleasure to work with! May blessings overflow, and laughter and joy be ever present! Blessings, Kim Gomez

Sarah, I am so grateful for you. Being away from teaching was difficult for me, but knowing that you were in my classroom made it easier. You are a kind, thoughtful, creative, and hard-working person who the students respect and enjoy having as their teacher. Love, Julia

Sarah, thank you so much for all that you have done! You are amazing! Lisa Ryan

May Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

10 Haley Leverton

13 Bonnie McCann

17 Matt Heinecke

21 Katie Martel

24 Kevin Donahue

26 Kevin Ramirez

26 Laurie Hikel

27 Dollyanne Hutchins

29 Shante Kunin