Module 3

Relationships (By: Seth Graper)


In Chapter 9 we went through and talked about:

*The impact of effective communication in the workplace along wiht ineffective communication.



*Types of Communication:

-Verbal Communication

-Non-Verbal Communication

-Handwritten Communication

*Discussed dangers of uncontrolled emotions at work.

Accountability and Workplace Relationships

Chapter 10:

*Connecting Empowerment, Responsibility, and Accountability.

Empowerment: puahing power and decision making to individuals closer to customers.

Responsibility: accepting power that is being given to you.

Accountability: reporting back to whoever gave you the power.

*Different types of bosses.

-Good boss

-Incompetent boss

-Abusive boss

*Discuss and analyze the different types of healthy and unhealthy relationships within the workplace.

-Employee Morale

-Negative relationships

-Dating relationships

Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership

Chapter 11

*Came up with a defintion and idea of a good team and its function.



*Types of Teams:

-Formal teams

-Informal teams

*Stages of a Team:

1.) Forming

2.) Storming

3.) Norming

4.) Performing

5.) Adjourning

*Discussed characteristics of an effective team member.

*Talked about motivation and how it connects to becoming a leader.

*Types of Leaders:




Conflict and Negotiation

Chapter 12

Conflict: disagreement or tension betweeb two or more parties.

*Conflict management styles:






*Types of Harrassment:


-Quid pro quo

-Hostile behavior

*Agree to Disagree