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Professional Development

We will have our half day professional development days on Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4. Please make sure to sign up in PD Express. The session is titled: Student Engagement, Inquiry Standards and Planning for Guided Reading. The title states everything that we will be covering on that day. We will also make time to go and observe in classrooms. Lunch, drinks and candy will be provided.

  • Fourth grade- December 3 (8:00-11:15)
  • Fifth grade- December 3 (11:15-2:30)
  • Third grade- December 4 (8:00-11:15)
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SEI (Student Engagement Inventory) or (Serravallo Engagement Inventory)

Jennifer Serravallo looks through five different lenses as to how students are performing in reading. Her first lens is engagement. An engagement inventory is essentially a kid watching tool. "Engagement inventories can help you understand what kids do as they are reading- avoidance behaviors, distractibility, or signs of engaged reading." (Serravallo, 2014)

At our professional development meeting, we will further discuss and evaluate SEIs. I have already begun completing SEIs for some reading teachers. The plan is for me to get into all reading classrooms to complete an SEI. These are very beneficial to you, as the teacher, in identifying students that need a little more focus on reading.

We've Been Elf-ed

Just like last year, we will share the holiday spirit and the love of reading through our "We've Been Elfed" game. On December 1, it will start with one classroom per grade level. A class will be "elf-ed", which means lights will be strung around your Smart board. You will read the poem to your class and one of the holiday books in your grade level basket. Next, you will hang a "We've Been Elf-ed" sign outside on your door and your class chooses another classroom to be "elf-ed". The goal is for every homeroom classroom to be "elf-ed" before Christmas break. Thank you!


Let me know how I can help and feel free to email me whith any needs or concerns. Below is a padlet link where teachers have shared ways that I have supported them in their classrooms.