How to become president

Jhovana Castillo


In order to become the president of the United States of American the candidate would have to be born in America soil, have lived in the U.S. for fourteen years. The running candidate would also have to be thirty-five years old or older therefore having more information of politics and having be a better opportunity for the people to vote for them.
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Primaries and Caucuses

The Primaries and Caucuses are a two different political groups that have there own ideas over how the government should work. Both the Primaries and Caucuses group have there candidates campaign throughout the country to win the favor of there party members. In the Primary group the party members vote for the best candidate that will represent them in the general election. The caucuses choose there candidate through a series of discussions and votes. In my opinion I actually like this method is much simpler than having all individuals participating at once with there own campaign.
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National Convention

Each party has a convention to select there final presidential nominee and that nominee chooses a vice president to run along with them form there same party. The vice president also campaigns throughout the country to win there support from the general population. Making this campaign is a great ideas because that way they stay organised.

General Election

In the General election people get to vote already for there President and Vice President they like.When people vote they are usually know to vote for a group that are called electors. Voting for everyone is and important thing especially because that person is going to be running our country. I am planning in voting as soon as i turn 18 and I recommend for everyone to vote once they torn 18.
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Electoral college

In the electoral college system each state gets a certain on electors based on there representations in congress. Each elector casts a vote and who ever get more then 270 wins. The new President and Vice President are inaugurated in January. I personally don't get the Electoral College because what happened a few years ago when Bush and another candidate where running and the other guy was winning but at the end Bush won. I really don't get how the Electoral College works and i think that we should just not use that method.
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