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November 10, 2019



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11/11-Veterans Day NO SCHOOL

11/12 - 12/13 - Adopt A WWES Family Donation Drive

11/14--Dining for Dollars-- Pizza Hut

11/15--Friday Flag

11/15--Talent Show Auditions

11/18-11/22 Parent/Teacher Conference Week (Mon. Full Day, Tues. Non Student Day, Wed - Fri, Minimum Days - Early Dismissal 11:20am

11/19 & 20--Dining for Dollars--Golden Spoon

11/20--Box Tops Due

11/20--Butter Braid Orders Due

11/22--Mustache Day

11/25-11/29--Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL

12/06--Friday Flag


Parent Conference Week

Parent Conference week is coming. We are looking forward to meeting with all families as it is a great opportunity to share progress for all students. If you have not heard from your child's teacher to schedule please reach out as soon as possible as we make time to meet with each and every child's family.



With the season of Thanksgiving upon us, it seems like the perfect time to talk about gratitude. Science has taught us that our human brain becomes whatever we practice and we now know that if we practice gratitude in a very specific way, it has the ability to improve sleep, ease depression, boost immunity, lower stress and literally rewire our brains so that our happiness baseline is permanently raised.

Harvard trained happiness expert Shawn Achor delved into the research around gratitude and found that most people who have a daily gratitude practice are often grateful for the same things over and over again. I'm grateful for my health, my family and my job. Researchers found that this type of gratitude practice might offer a short term boost but usually fails to change us over the long term. What does? Coming up with three new things we are grateful for each day and stating why.

When we do this consistently, we literally train our brains to scan the world in a different way. Many of us constantly scan for the negative without being aware of it. Meaning, our brains scan for threats and stresses opposed to scanning for positive opportunities that will help us move forward. This one simple exercise has the power to change that and increase our happiness baseline as well as improving all sorts of health outcomes. In one study, spouses who did this activity for three weeks reported finding each other more attractive. Why? Because their brains had become wired to focus on the positive traits in their spouse rather than the negative.

This exercise can be done out loud, silently to yourself or by journaling. The things you are grateful for can be big or small. The important thing to remember is that they just need to be three new things each day and it is important to think about why you are grateful for these things.

As a parent, I’ve found that this exercise is a great way for our family to connect during dinner time. I’ve been amazed at the insight it’s given me into my kids’ days at school and what is significant for them. I hear a lot more from them during our round of “three gratitudes” then I do if I simply ask them about their day. But, if doing this during dinner doesn’t suit your family then another idea is for all family members to do this exercise silently in their heads while brushing their teeth each night. That way, this practice doesn’t take up any more time in your day. The key is to make this a daily habit in whatever way works for you and your family so that you all can benefit from the wealth of positive outcomes that gratitude provides.


Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) involves services for students whose cognitive needs may require modified classroom curriculum and instruction to accommodate their learning differences and ensure their achievement. Parents may request GATE testing for students in grades 2-7.

To request GATE testing for your child, complete a GATE Parent Questionnaire/Test Consent form online through the PUSD GATE webpage https://onlinereg.powayusd.com/GateSurvey/.

The Questionnaire must be completed by November 22, 2019.

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Our Lost & Found racks are rolled out in front of the school every Monday and Friday morning and are out until the end of the school day. Please be sure to check the overflowing coat racks and lunch box/water bottle bins for an item your child may have lost. Unclaimed ITEMS WILL BE DONATED at the end of the day November 22nd.

If your student has lost a small item (ring, earrings, eyeglasses, etc.) please come into the office to check the small item lost and found at the front desk.



We’re close to reaching our goal to enable the purchase of Chromebooks but we need more donations to make it a reality.

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The deadline for the Silver Graphics deadline has been extended to Monday, November 12. Items will be shipped out right after school.
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Mark your calendars, The Roadrunner Variety show auditions will be on Friday November, 15th. Please keep your eyes open for more information in the coming weeks!

Adopt A Westwood Family

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