Why Do People Lie??

About me

My name is Devina, i am in 9th Grade, and i am 14.

My essential question is why do people lie. I am interested in this topic because i want to know why do people lie instead of telling the truth.You should be interested in my topic because i know that you want to know why people lie because you had someone lie to you, and i know your wondering why they are lying or why they cant tell you the truth.

How can lying affect you being in a relationship???

This can affect you being in a relationship because when you are in a relationship with someone you always want them to tell you the truth even if its something as simple as your hair looks messed up. But when you find out that they are lying to you and someone else has to tell you then that might affect your relationship with that person depending on what kind of person you are or how big or bad the lie is. For example if you find out that they are cheating on you, and you find out by one of you friends telling you then it will affect your relationship. But of its like a simple lie like they have alot of thots then it might not affect the relationship but if they are hooking up with them then that will affect the relationship.