Novio Boy

A Romance By: Gary Soto


Rudy wanted to go on a date with an 11th grader Patricia but he is lacking confidence so Alex his best friend gives him advice and Rudy learns that its not all about the outside its about the inside that matters.

Theme: It's not about the way you look it's your personality that matters. Evidence: "It doesn't matter what you look like, it's how you are and how you take each day."


Inner conflict: Man Vs Self- Rudy doesn't have enough confidence and is doubting himelf.

Evidence: "What am I gonna talk about? She's older than me and good-looking."

External Conflict: Man Vs Man- Rudy's mom doesn't want him to go on the date.

Evidence: "How come you can't find a girl you own age?"




Definition- Denoting something very good of its kind.

Synonyms-Altogether, Purely


Definition- Substances intended to be eaten.

Synonym- Food


Definition- Old and often valuable.

Synonym- Old

Favorite quote: "Im talking about personality. It doesnt matter what you look like, its how you are and how you take each day."

Why is it your favorite quote? Its my favorite quote because it makes me feel more confident and confidence is something Rudy needs.

Favorite Part

My favorite part was when Uncle Juan talks about how he scared a girl talking about being captured by a UFO.

Evidence: "I told her that I had been captured by a UFO."