Where The Sun Sets

Great Weather

Located by Algeria, The Western Sahara, and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is a very warm place all year round. It is very hot during the summer and just a bit cooled down during the winter. With a subtropical climate the north gets rainy in the winter and the south get very dry.

All Types Of Structures

Get To Know The People

The people of Morocco are mainly Arabic and some of their biggest values are table manner, their family, and bringing a gift to another home when invited. Some of the norms in Morocco is when meeting someone you shake their hand and then touch your heart, yelling when there is tension, respecting elders, and opposite sexes cannot show affection but when walking down the street the same sexes often hold hands. Things that are not acceptable in Morocco would be women sitting in men cafes and homosexuality. There are multiple subcultures in Morocco one is Fes-Boulemane which is a political group and another is what they call western girls who get away with a lot more. All over Morocco are beaches, deserts, waterfalls, forests, and cities. Even in Morocco they have your favorite places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and even Theaters.