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Weekly update March 30, 2020


In the last week all of our lives have changed. Schools are now closed through May 4, 2020 during the most unprecedented health crisis in modern times. This newsletter is intended to provide the Wilmington Public School community, staff students and parents with resources in a variety of areas to support students and families.Given the most recent advisory from Russell Johnston, Senior Associate Commissioner and State Director of Special Education, we are now shifting toward remote learning. While the safety of students, families and staff is paramount during this challenging time, we realize we will not be able to provide educational services in the same manner as before the school closure. While this will undoubtedly be a challenge at best, Wilmington Public Schools is committed to working with our students, families and caregivers to navigate this unprecedented situation, as the district shifts to remote learning.

Cyber safety tips review

Given that many students are experiencing an increase in use of electronics and social media given the "social distancing" that is required, we thought it important to review what the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office provides for safety tips.

Online safety tips for students

· Do not share personal information on social media sites, including your address, birthday or phone number

· Never share your passwords

· Do not post or send nude or semi nude photos

· Never arrange to meet someone you met online

· Do not click on links or download files from someone you do not know

Online safety tips for parents

· Talk to your children about their use of the Internet and social media to set guideline and determine what is appropriate use

Make Internet use a family activity by keeping computers and iPads in a central location in the home

· Keep cell phone and chargers out of child’s bedroom at night to discourage late-night texting

· Remind your children that people they talk to online are strangers and may not be who they claim to be

· Let your child know it is OK to come to you if he or she is uncomfortable with something that took place on the Internet

WPS Office of Student Support Services

Alice Brown-LeGrand, Director of Student Support Services

Leanne Ebert, Coordinator of Special Education Services

Christine Murray, Coordinator of Social Emotional Support

Doreen Crowe, Coordinator of Nursing Services

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