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Staff and Student Network and Google Passwords

Tired of having to remember two passwords? We hear you! Information and Technology Services has worked to sync your Network password with your Google password.

Changing Your Password for Summer Break

To ensure that you will have access to your District resources over the summer, Information and Technology Services will be forcing a password reset on your network account on May 17th. You will be prompted to change your password upon logging on to your computer.

Once you have updated your network password, it will also update your Google password. So now, just one password to remember to access your SDCC resources!

The best idea is to wait for the 17th and update your password at that time.

What about my username?

You will still have two usernames.

To logon to your computer and the OneClay Portal (

Username: Current (sjthomas1)

Password: Your Updated Password

To login to your SDCC Google account:

Username: (

Password: Your Updated Password

Changing Your Password at School

Please logon to your computer when at school. Once the computer has loaded please press Ctrl + Alt+ Delete. A new screen will pop up. Click Change Password. Complete the required fields. You have now updated your Network password (Active Directory) and your Google password.

Changing Your Password at Home

You can use the OneClay Portal to change your password when you are off campus. There are steps that you must do first in order for this process to work. You must set-up security questions before your password expires in order to utilize this function. Please click on the document below for step by step directions on how to set up the Password Reset utility on your OneClay Portal.

Need help resetting your password?

If you have any issues when trying to reset a password, please call the Service Desk at 904-529-4832 and they will be happy to assist you.