Personal Training Workshop

Close on 80% of the prospects that sit across from you!

***Now Open to Group Exercise Instructors!

Can You Answer These Questions?

Now a days people are taking to literal on what it means to be or what it means to hire a personal trainer. (refer to pic: the right to bear arms, everyone has the right to hang a pair of bear arms on their wall) Are you being absolutely clear during your consults? Are you giving the prospect more of what they need to do versus what they WANT to do? What is your Closing Percentage? What is your Closing Strategy? How is Your Time Management? Do You Have a Training Niche? Do you have a realistic Approach into how much money you would like to make in 1 year?

If you can NOT give a defining answer to at least 2 of these questions or even 1, then you are in some serious trouble. Let me guess, you are probably selling personal training by the session, Right? Typically most trainers are doing 10 session for 250 which is around $25 per session.

Perhaps you are having prospects come to you and they give more excuses to not start a program and you run out of reason for them buy. Guess what they just out sold you! Because they made you a believer of their excuses, giving you the story of Money, Time, Fear, Spouse, Kids, Work...need I go on?

Did you know that there are thousands of people in this Star City alone that want to have their own Personal Trainer? Think about how long you been in the industry, then think about the amount of people that said, "well let me go home and think about it." Here is my favorite, "I like the method but I need to get in shape before I sign up." I can tell you that I spent years having that happen to me, and it still happens, just less often. Why? Because I mastered a strategy that overcomes objections and promises results!

Good Advice or Just Sounds Good?

What sound advice are you giving? Now before you answer that question take your personal trainer hat off and TRY to find your Nutritionalist Hat. Don't have 1? Neither do I, and this is why I do NOT give nor counsel on nutrition.

Do you know how many lawsuits we have avoided giving advice to people about nutrition just because we read about it in an AFAA, ISSA or ACE PT Certification Book? Just because it was apart of the certification, it doesn't give us a licence to advise or counsel people about what, when, where, why and how. However, we can do something that keeps us out of harms way. Teaching people to eat the 24/7 way. And no its not 24 hours 7 days per week!

This method will blow your socks off! Not only will it make sense but it will give your prospect that "wow I know I can do that" moment. And after this course you will share a lot of those moments with ALL your new Clients!!

PT Course, New Year Jump Start on 2014

Saturday, Dec. 7th 2013 at 12pm

1607 Lynchburg Turnpike

Salem, VA

Agenda (Fitting everything in Place)

  • Introduction of Local Trainers
  • Learn the Law of Numbers (80/20 rule, One-Third Rule)
  • The Benefits of a Great Warm-Up
  • 24/7 Approach to Meal Planning
  • 7 Habits of Success
  • Selling Results vs Selling Hope
  • Closing the Deal

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