Rapid Fire Challenges

The time in my life where I had to keep getting back up

The End of my Reality

I left my hometown, was told to never eat gluten again, and was transferred from my new school. "I thought the move had destroyed me, my friends, my school, my very existence ripped apart by something of fate." It left me in a wreck, yet I have endured and left my past behind me.


I overcame it all despite my flaws, I have adjusted to my new town, new diet, and, my new school. It took a lot from me, but I gained a lot more back from the experience.

Three angels

There were three things that followed me through it all, including...

My recommendations

Anyone can play! A good game for any age! Minecraft!


Q: Why don't you eat lunch?
A: I can't eat the foods provided by the school, so self-explanatory