Scarcity !

"Eventually, Humans will run out of non-renewable sources."


Scarcity is the state of being scarce or short in supply; shortage. Scarcity is a very important concept that everyone should pay more attention to. We should pay more attention to this because it means that what we use on a daily basis that require non renewable sources are not going to be in use anymore because the resource that empowers it is eventually going to be no longer existing on this Earth. Renewable sources are sources which we don't have to worry about. However, Non-Renewable sources are the sources that we need to take a closer look at.

Example of Scarcity

You may want to go to the movie theater on a specific day to see a movie you wanted to see very badly. However, you find out they only have 2 seats left in the movie theater on that day and you really want to go. This is an example of wanting which is the scarcity of theater seats. There is only enough to sustain a certain amount of people, not everyone.
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The pictures above is a water faucet with very little water coming from it. This is an example of Safe Water Scarcity. Meaning that there is a lack of clean available water resources to meet the demands of water usage in an area. Safe water is desirable.
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The picture above is also a picture showing water scarcity in a region. A child getting water from a dirty river proving there isn't many sustainable water resources around.


CARS ! We don't NEED cars ! They are a want that we mistake as a need because we majority of the population use them daily. Cars are just another way of transportation and majority of people are born with the foundation of transportation ... FEET ! Therefore that proves we don't need cars. We can still get around day to day without the use of cars.
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Oil Scarcity is a very immense scarcity among us humans on Earth. Eventually oil supply is going to be no longer here. We are going to run out and we can't stop that fact. We use cars that require oil and some that require electricity. However, most of them require oil. The more oil we use on the daily basis means the quicker we use up our oil here on Earth. We should think of ways to cut back on using so much oil on the regular therefore pushing back the dates we see shortage of oil and actually act on these ways.