Cottonwood Creek Cougar Chronicle

November 13, 2020

An Important Message from your Principal, Katie Johnson

Good Morning Cougar Families,

As we begin remote learning, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of our Cottonwood Creek staff. While we have been anticipating this transition to remote learning, it doesn't make it easier. As students left the building on Wednesday, there were a lot of emotions that came along with that moment. As we begin remote learning next week, please know we have been preparing for what we hope to be a smooth transition. With that said, we know technology is great - when it works. If your child has ANY problems accessing learning during this time, communication is going to be key. Please contact your child's teacher via email.

If you did not review the information in our Special Edition of the CCCC earlier this week, you can access it by clicking here. This CCCC contained a lot of important details as it relates to remote learning, which starts Monday, November 16th. Below, I have provided a couple of resources for navigating Zoom, the virtual platform our General Education Teachers will be using for Synchronous and Asynchronous learning.

By the end of the day today, you should have received communication from your child's classroom teacher. Please watch for this communication to come, as it will contain important information related to your child's classroom and remote learning day. If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Take care of yourselves and each other!

Thank you again,

Katie Johnson


Remote Learning Expectations

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Green/Blue Day Schedule

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Kindergarten-2nd Grade Remote Learning Schedules

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3rd Grade - 5th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

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Here are some practical suggestions to help you set up a learning space at home for your child to study, do homework, or attend online classes.

  1. Choose a location based on your child’s learning preferences. If they prefer silence, a spare room or their bedroom could be good options. If they enjoy some background noise, consider choosing a spot in the kitchen or near your office if you’re working from home. If there are several location options, you can have your child try each one to see which works best for them.
  2. Eliminate distractions. Ask your child to turn off their phone and social media when they’re learning and have the TV off as well. You can experiment with playing instrumental music to block other sounds or to break silence. Some find this helpful and others do not.
  3. Make it comfortable—but not too comfortable. Choose a chair that your child can comfortably sit in for long periods of time, and ensure they have a desk or other flat surface that can accommodate their books, laptops and other learning supplies. Note: we do not recommend using a bed as learning space; you don’t want your child to fall asleep in the middle of their lessons! Also, doing things besides sleeping in bed can lead to trouble falling and staying asleep at bedtime.
  4. Ensure the learning space has good lighting. This can include natural lighting from windows or light from lamps.
  5. Have all of your child’s supplies—pencils, paper, calculators, for example—easily accessible in their learning space. Encourage your child to keep their space organized and clutter-free. Perhaps you could incentivize them with a small reward each week if they successfully keep their space clean.
  6. Encourage your child to personalize their learning space by adding decorations, artwork, or anything else that might help them to stay motivated and be inspired.
  7. If possible, the learning space should only be used for learning; this includes attending classes, doing homework, studying, for example. If this is not possible, and you’ll be using a shared or multipurpose space, do what you can to signal to your child when it’s time to learn. Clear away all other materials from that space, have your child’s studying supplies at hand, keep it organized, and ensure there is good lighting and no distractions. Having decorations that are only used when learning could also help signal to your kids that it’s time to learn.

Kids Club during Remote Learning

Our Before and After School Program will operate during remote learning between the hours of 7:00am-5:30pm to provide a safe environment for your child. Staff will be there to -------

Registration for our program will remain flexible. You are able to register for only the days that you need childcare. You will need to let your program director know you plan to attend Cottonwood Creek Elementary feeder location and this calendar will be added to your SchoolCare Works account to choose days, checkout and pay for the sessions. If you are interested, please contact Karen Spears or Andrea Monaco at 720-554-3266. They are our directors and can help get you registered if space allows.

Flu Shot Clinics

Now is the time to protect your family against the flu. Cherry Creek Schools and STRIDE Community Health will be offering free and low-cost flu shots to anyone six months and older, during clinics on the following dates:

    • Wednesday, November 18, 4-6 p.m.
      • Peakview Elementary (map)
    • Wednesday, December 9, 4-6 p.m.
      • Horizon Community Middle School (map)
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Support in your Native Language

English:Please contact (name of liaison) at (email) for support with this resource in your language.

Amharic: እነዝህን መረጃዎችን በተመለከተ በቋንቋዎ ዕገዛን ለማግኘት ከፈለጉ እባክዎን ተሊሌን በዝህ እሜይል ያግኙዋት

Arabic:يرجى الاتصال بـ (جميعة صباحي أو جاودة العلمي) على ( أو للحصول على الدعم مع هذا المورد باللغة العربية.

Chinese: 如有需要,请经由,与韩馥联系,以您的语言获得此资源的支持。

Korean: 귀하의 언어로 이 자원에 대한 지원을 원하시면 (리아 리) 에게 ( 로 문의하십시오.

Russian: Пожалуйста, обращайтесь к Ларисе Бака по адресу: для получения поддержки с помощью этого ресурса на своём языке.

Somali: Fadlan la xiriir Omar Nur cinwaanka si aad u hesho macluumaad ku qoran luqadaada.

Spanish: Si necesita ayuda con este recurso en su idioma, póngase en contacto con Ilse Chavez Maldonado en, Rosa Han en, Helena Gognat en o Milagro Nuanes en

Vietnamese: Vui lòng liên hệ với Thuý Ngọc tại để được hỗ trợ về tài nguyên này bằng tiếng Việt.

Please note the changes in the 2020-21 school year calendar.

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