Being Safe Online

Always be Safe

Respect Others

Be kind to other people don't be rude, or mean don't


Think Befor You Type

Think before you type because you may agree to meet up with some one

that you don't know...

Be a responsible cyber citizen

Be Safe Online Or Else

Think Before You Type

You have to think before you type because you have no clue who your talking to and what they are. So many people get kid napped or murdered because they talk to strangers or meet up with them.

Always Be Safe

Internet Safety Video

This video

When you watch this video this is what can happen to you in this accrual world this is what happens to girls who talk to strangers.


google images


Do not share your password with others

If you give other people your people they can find where you live and they can post stuff that is not ntrue.

Do not post inapproprite things online

If you do you will get in trouble with the police.