Unicorn Of The Sea By:Reagan Carlson

The Narwhal

The Narwhal is a migrating creature. In two months of the year they live in ice free fjords and bays. Over the winter they live in ice covered places. The Narwhal uses their tusk to get through the ice. The Narwhal lives in northern Canada, Greenland, and Iceland.

Its Looks

Why Are They Harmed ?

The Narwhal is harmed because of humans. The oil rigs that seem to be spreading in their habitats are making so much noise that they can't hear mating calls and they don't hear other marine mammals and they crash into each other. The oil spills also makes them unable to see and find their young. They are also hunted for blubber and ivory.

What WWF Is Doing

WWF helps by trying to fight against the oil rigs in certain areas. They help with the noise and will hopefully keep fighting for them.