Mr. Budisch's Bright Lights

Everyone's is learning, everyone!

Gym Update-Looking good!

The Primary School gym renovation is really moving right along. The entire gym has been painted and the motion "M" is completely in blue. Our doors are all finished in Mustang Blue too!

The room divider has been installed and it has an awesome Merton Athletic Association logo placed on the lower solid color half. Thanks MAA! This will allow our school to conduct two physical education classes at the same time. This helps the schedule immensely and gives the kids two classes each week.

The tile floor is being prepped/scrubbed so the new surface can be applied in the next couple of weeks. Mr. Nettesheim and his crew is working hard to assist with the project as well.

Special Thanks for Your Support

Mr. Posick and I had a terrific time this past Saturday at the Golf Scramble and the Barn Bash. We sincerely appreciate those of you who could make the event and your terrific attitudes about our efforts to make our schools the best. Cathy James did an outstanding job in her coordination effort! We thank the staff at Ironwood and the great guys from Comedy Sportz too! Now we can look forward to the Trivia Night!

NED was outstanding at our assembly!

Mr. Justin, the NED show presenter, did an outstanding job of performing in front of our 4K through grade 4 students. He had them engaged and excited for 40 minutes. Through the use of stories about NED, balloons, numerous voices and sounds, he entertained and taught the children about Never Give Up-Encourage Each Other-Do Your Best ! He didn't use any videos or technology-a real refreshing approach! You can certainly keep NED in mind at home too.

Is testing done yet?

After the students have completed the MAP assessments (we still have a few more to complete) and the F+P reading assessments, our 4k to grade two students are working on the PALS tests. This is a statewide program to determine if our kids are acquiring literacy skills that will provide the foundation for reading, writing, and spelling. The teachers use the results to determine where the children will receive their instruction during the 45 minute intervention block. The teachers obtain the results immediately as they do the correcting of the assessment immediately. The window for testing is open until early Nov.

Mike Budisch

Thanks for reading the SMORE articles. It is my hope to keep you in the loop as much as I can. Of course, you may certainly contact me in any of the means below.