NEW reciver

december 31, 2027

ceremony of 12

Some very great assignments have been given to the brand new 12 in our

community. Like Asher who has been given the job of assistant director of recreation and

Foina was picked for caretaker. Inger as a birthmother, and last of all Madline

as fish hatchery. Which is a very important job to help the community be fed. And some of the very nice things said were¨,We had a silent asher! But he he learned.¨


This year Jonas was chosen as the new receiver and left the everyone shocked in fear of what happened to the last receiver which no one can talk about it or even hint to much about it. In all hope that will never happen again because Jonas seems to be the better choice. She said ¨,Jonas has not been assigned he has been picked.¨ By the look on his face he looked very confused more than he looked happy but after he was talking to his friend Asher and he is a honored 12.

all we know about this

Sadly not much is known about this assignment and we tried to get all every last small idea about what it is. During the ceremony we heard that some of the things needed are to have all good dreams and ¨,The ability to see beyond.¨ But that is all we know so far about this jobs and what it is. And yet again stay tuned for more about this very interesting topic.