Ruth Makes History

September 30, 1927

The Bronx Bomber has done it again. On this day, September 30, 1927, Babe Ruth finally hit 60 home runs during a single season. The Sultan of Swat broke his own record of 59 homers in the eighth inning against the Washington Senators and the leftie Tom Zachary. Oh boy and what a shot it was. Deep into the stands and was only fair by a mere 6 inches.

The Colossus of Clout didn’t even begin to doubt his abilities saying “I knew I was going to hit it.” when asked about it afterwards. He seemed very unflustered. This is a monumental record that will hopefully stand for a long time. “The House That Ruth Built” will always remember this day. Babe shall always be remembered as The Home Run King.

Chicago Race Riot

The Chicago Race Riot, starting on July 27, was the result of racial tensions that broke loose in Chicago, Illinois when a white man was throwing rocks at African Americans. Eugene Williams, was upon his raft, a railroad tie, and slowly drifted into the white waters, where he was hit by the rocks being thrown by this white man. As aresult of being hit in the forehead with this rock, Eugene fell off his raft and drowned. The people involved in starting the riot include a white police officer who refused to arrest the white man throwing rocks, Eugene Williams,the African American hit and killed by a rock, and the white man who was throwing these rocks. The Cook County Coroner’s office took 450 witnesses dealing with the riot. During the 5 days of rioting, a total of 38 people were killed, both black and white. After Eugene Williams was hit with the rock thrown by a nearby white man, the officer involved arrested a black witness on a white’s complaint of some unknown minor offence. Officers assigned to the riots and corresponding events arrested only African American rioters, and refused to arrest whites. These riots, ending on August 3rd, last for five days until almost 6,000 National Guard Troops were deployed by the government.

Master Criminal

Gangster Al Capone located in Chicago has gone too far! On the day we are calling the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre, Al Capone ordered his men to open fire on Bugs Moran’s north side gang in a parking garage near Lincoln Park.

This along with bootlegging alcohol, tax evasion, the bribery of federal offices and many other crimes is why this man must be stopped. Because of tax evasion the federal government has put a warrant out for his arrest in the hopes that he will be brought to justice. Please help end organized crime by notifying the police immediately if you see this man.

Go Pro

Do you like to hear the news of women and children being abused? And the women always in constant fear of their husband returning home from work because of the “one too many drinks” they’ve had? No one wants to live like that. Alcohol causes more issues than solves them so why let it be legal? Alcohol clouds the mind and hinders decision making. Those effects are detrimental in the working field, especially in factories. Workers are taking breaks and having a few drinks which lead to injuries and fatalities. We don’t want to have the possibility of sending our men off to work and losing them. It lowers the productivity rates and hurts our economy.

One of the priorities us adults should have is the safety of our family and belongings, which is affected by alcohol. 40% of all crimes are alcohol induced or related. That is 40% more than comfortable. Just this year, 12,000 deaths have occurred because of alcohol. So many families have been struggling now because of alcohol related problems. We could help so many lives and families by banning the addictive substance. It doesn’t provide us with productivity so why are we revolving our lives around it?

Bold Criminals Break Law

Bootlegging and speakeasies was a huge issue in the 1920s. Speakeasies are also called “blind pig” or blind tiger”, which is the place that illegally sells alcoholic beverages. Bootlegging is the illegally transportation or smuggling of alcohol. During the Prohibition age, alcoholic beverages were not allowed, but people continued to find ways to get alcohol through bootlegging and speakeasies. Even though police and agents of the Bureau of Prohibition would often break into homes and arrest owners, they were so profitable that they continued to do it.

Speakeasies were hidden all across the United States and Canada during the Prohibition years. Speakeasies and bootlegging was established because of the Volstead Act; an act in which the Prohibition of alcohol was enforced. To enter a speakeasy one would have to say a password to the door so that the door person would know if they were a secret agent or not. At least half dozen speakeasies were put up after prohibition due to the speakeasy manager making easy money. Speakeasies and bootlegging ended in 1933 when Prohibition ended.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The term “Flapper” first appeared in Great Britain in the 1920s after World War 1.It was to describe young girls, still somewhat awkward in the movement and who had not yet entered the woman hood, Known as the” foolish stage”. They were so-called “New Style of western woman”, and to describe the new breed of women in this generation. Flappers’ image changed in drastic to many shocking ways. Almost every clothing was shortened and lighter then before to make movement easier for them to dance.

Flappers were women who were characterized by choice of bobbed hair, short skirts, and enjoyment of the jazz music. They were known for their enjoyment of drinking, wearing heavy make-up, driving cars and smoking. But that is not all they enjoyed to do, they enjoyed many more. They also went out to a movie at least once a week, reading film magazines and gossiping about the stars life while out sunbathing or swimming.

Before World War 1, women wore long hair, long skirts to the floor and shirts with high collars; showing very little skin as possible. Once the men were sent off to war the women decided to change their life style, because war showed them that life could be cut easily, so they wanted to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Once the men were returning back home they were expected to change back to society rules, but they did not want to go back. They wanted to stay how they were.