ISTC Class Notes

October 8, 2014

Class Objectives

-Listen to 5 Minute Guru and add tool to Delicious

-Identify the steps in the Backward Design Model and explain its value/benefit in education

-Identify the “Need to Know” items at this midterm point

-Review the culminating project of this course: The Practical Teaching Experience (PTE) and discuss the big picture and the details

-Consider UDL implications for step #3 of Backward Design

-Locate PTE partners and collaborate using the Backward Design model and differentiation techniques to assess and build instructional plans (ideas) around a Common Core Standard

5 Minute Guru's

What You Need to Know for the Midterm

By October 13th


-Examples of pedagogies

-UDL (including the 3 brain networks, the 3 principles that go along with each and at least 2-3 examples of each principle)

-Bloom’s Taxonomy (each of the levels and what this means for instruction)

-Levels of Tech Implementation

-How Bloom and LoTi relate

-At least 5 different tech tools and ways you could use them in the classroom

-The difference between a constructivist approach and a behaviorist approach

-At least 5 different learning theories

-How to find Common Core Standards for your particular content area

-MTTS (and what are the standards)?


-Backward Design

-Differentiated formative and summative assessments

Backward Design Model

Big image

Final Project

Go to Blackboard- Assignments- Practical Teaching Experience.

There is a template for the lesson Plan as well as and example of a lesson.

3 Parts:

Lesson Plan



Work in groups or individually. No more than 3 in each group.

Assignments due Next Tuesday 10/13/15

Next Tuesday before class, there is a blog assignment due. This is blog 6 and you find at least two online sources about digital citizenship and post their links on our discussion board as well as respond to at least two people’s post. You should visit the site they shared, read/skim over the material, then comment on the reading and/or your thoughts about digital citizenship.