Aloha beautiful Hawaii

by: Dylan and Max

Weather Forecast for today

Today June, 3rd in Honolulu, Hawaii it’s going to be another beautiful one! It is 4:45 AM and the temperature is already 72ºF, and will probably stay in the seventies all day. Today will be partly sunny with winds coming from the north at 6 mph. The humidity outside is 79% which is pretty humid. There will also be scattered cloud cover.

Deerfield SoundCloud 2

Honolulu D M by Deerfield SoundCloud 2

How the weather affects you today

Put on your sunscreen because you have a good chance to get burned. Also at 6:00 am the beaches open and it’s a great day to go. For those of you that love the beaches,arrive early because the parking lots often get packed up quick and you will be driven away if it is full. By getting an extra early start you will avoid long lines and a good spot on the water.

Geographical features

The geography is really important because it effects the weather. Now we are going to tell you about the geography of honolulu. The highest point is 13,796 feet but the average point above sea level is 3,030 feet. The lowest point is obviously sea level. Latitude is 20º 57.1N so Honolulu gets a lot of direct sunlight because it’s near the equator. Humidity is big because it is next to the equator and it's surrounded by water. Honolulu has the lesast different seasonal change with only a few degrees difference, due to the mountains and oceans that keep the temperature from varying And the winds that blow at the equator keep the city comfortable