Ehi Ike - SGIS '13 Graduate

Book Signing

SGIS McClain Library Author Event

Please join us this Thursday for a book signing with recent SGIS 2013 graduate, Ehi Ike's most recent book release, Hidden.

Books will be available for purchase:
Hidden - $14.99
Taken Away (Ehi's first novel) - $12.99

Ehi Ike Book Signing

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 10:30am-12pm

McClain Library

Hidden by Ehi Ike

The sequel to Taken Away, Ehi Ike's Hidden continues the story of Mimi and her friends after being rescued. Mimi and the other followers are left to live as fugitives inside Ms. Jane's home. With no contact or information from the outside world, Mimi is left clueless. She and her friends devise a plan to seek more information about the law Congress passed. However, searching for answers always comes with risks. While finding information, secrets are revealed and their situation is much worse than anyone imagined. Struggling to find out Ms. Jane's reason for saving them, they discover even more information that has the potential to either harm or save them. Mimi and her friends are not only fighting for their safety, but also their freedom.