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June 2, 2016

THIS Saturday, June 4: Rising 6th Graders Kidnapping Tradition

THIS Saturday... June 4 is the Kidnapping!

All Crew Leaders have been assigned a group.

Crew Leaders, please contact your group to confirm information.

Anyone else is welcome to join us at 8:15 at Whataburger. Pick up time is 9:30 am at the WHATABURGER next to the church.


All youth, please bring non-messy surprise items like toilet paper, streamers, noise makers, and posters to welcome the youth. Each youth will need money for breakfast (only Evie, Dominick, and Christopher will be paid for!)

Assigned Groups:

Evie (Perkins Crew) 7:45 at house
Young's Address: 1609 Strait Flower Mound

Bradley (meet at the house)

Jordan (with Kelly)
Lucas (meet at the house)

Jordyn (meet at the house)

Bailey (meet at the house)

Dominick: (Packer/Kunke Crew) 7:45 at house
Autumn Run Apartments 1679 SH 121 apart. # 1103

Savannah (at the house, Kunke will bring to Whatburger)

Kaylee (with Karen)

Allison (with Karen)

Madi (with Karen)

Macy (with Kunke)

Ethan (meet at church 7:30, Kunke's will pick you up)

Blake (meet at church, 7:30 Kunke's will pick you up)

Christopher: (Angie/Daira Crew) 7:45 at house
1325 Falcon Lewisville

Sean (Daira will pick up)

Ian (Daira will pick up)

Holly (Angie will pick her up)

Brayden (Daira pick up?)

Mandatory Mission Trip Meeting

On Sunday, June12th at 3pm there will be a mandatory meeting for the mission trip for the parents, however, students are welcome to sit in. I will be sharing important information including flight specific information and details regarding our trip. Please let me know if you are unable to attend, so that, I can get you the necessary information.

316 Points

Just a reminder: The person with the MOST points by July 1st will win a special prize! This means you should continue earning points even after you reach 100!


Allison- 81/100

Blake- 97/100
Bradley- 48/60
Brayden- 90/100

Ethan- 100/100
Holly- 105/100
Ian- 95/100
Jessica- 99/100
Jordan- 87/100
Jordyn- 67/100
Joseph- 88/100
Kaylee- 103/100
Lucas- 67/100
Macy- 105/100
Madi- 88/100

Ryan- 45/55
Savannah- 78/100
Sean- 92/100


Congrats to Holly, Ethan, Kaylee, and Macy who have reached 100 points....but don't forget to keep earning points as the winner with the most points by July 3 will get an awesome prize!

Ways to Get MORE Points

June 13-17- VBS Week - 5 points per day

Sunday School-10am (1 point)

Sunday Youth- 4-6pm (1 point)

CCA Food Pantry- Ongoing (2 points)

Outside VRUMC Service- Up to 10 points (ask Daira)

June Calendar

Saturday, June 4- Kidnap/Whataburger Breakfast (7:30am)

Sunday, June 5- YC Slip n' Slide Softball (4-6pm)

Wednesday, June 8- The Colony: $3 Mama Mia (7:30pm)

Sunday, June 12- 3pm Mandatory Mission Trip Meeting

Sunday, June 12- YC Flag Football (4-6pm)

After VBS Scheduled Events:
Tuesday, June 14-
(after VBS) Sushi YaYa Lunch

Wednesday, June 15- (after VBS) Dodge-ball @Altitude Trampoline Park (Grapevine)

Friday, June 17- (after VBS) BBQ/Pool Party at Currans

Sunday, June 19- No Youth (Father's Day)

Wednesday, June 22- Main Event Laser Tag (TBA)

Sunday, June 26- YC (4-6pm)

Wednesday, June 29- The Colony Top Golf (5:30-7:30 pm) *Must be there before 6 pm to get deal!


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Twitter: @ConnectVRUMC

Text:@YouthConnect to 23559

Password: vrumcyc

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