Tips for Living in Saudi Arabia

"There is no good but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God"


Modern Saudis take pride in their country which is under the leadership of a royal family. As you can see in this picture the women do not show their skin. The only thing that the women show is their eyes. When meeting or greeting people men normally shake hand or hug. But on the other hand women normally hug of kiss friends.
Saudi Arabia national anthem


Saudi Arabia's religion was based on the Five Pillars of Islam! These were made after Muhammed died in 632. The five pillars are the five keys that each Moslem called the responsibilities for the members of faith. The first pillar is named after Shahadah this pillar stands for the Declaration of Faith. The second pillar is named after Salah and it stands for Daily Prayers. The third pillar is named after Zakah and it stands for A Special Tax. The fourth pillar is named after Sawm and it stands for Fasting. The last pillar is named after Halj and it stands for The Pilgrimage. Another thing is during their holy month they don't eat, drink, smoke, and chew gum.

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