DPRK and the USA

Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the United States

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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The nation is ran by one person and is a one-party state. Many historians and political analysts describe the nation as a Communist nation. Propaganda is the only type of media the people of North Korea consume. Posters are flied all over everywhere and the government regulates and runs all radios and televisions. North Korea has annual military parades to show off their military power, often displaying rockets, tanks, and marches to patriotic music. The nation actually has free elections held every so amount of years but the only candidate on the ballot is Jim Jon-un, always winning 100% of the nation's vote.
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The Economy of the DPRK

While not officially operating as a communist nation, the North Korean "Junge" System is very close to the communist system of state regulated and state owned industry, restrictions on ownership of private property and running the nation on a system of "5-year plans". There are little to no companies in North Korea and there are no major North Korean brands on clothing. Most brand name anything, such as Volkswagen cars, are imported from other nations such as Germany, China or any nation giving foreign aid to North Korea. Jim-il Sung acts as the eternal President and Head of State. Jim Jong-un acts as the Marshal of the nation. North Korea is the only nation in the world with a dead person acting as the Head of State.
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The Worker's Party of Korea

The Worker's Party of Korea is the ruling party of the DPRK. It's the largest political party in North Korea with Kim-il Sung acting as the Chairman of the party and Kim Jong-un acting as the secretary of the party. The Worker's Party of Korea acts as the nation's Communist party and their symbol can be related the the traditional hammer and sickle because of the hammer, paint brush, and sickle on their flag. The Worker's party is the only party with a dead person acting as the Chairman.

North Korean Fashion

North Korean Industry

Collective farms, gun factories, uniform factories, food processing, and nuclear power plants all make up the businesses of North Korea. People that do not live in large cities such as the capital, Pyongyang, will usually work a factory job or a farmers job. Life outside of the cities is very harsh and most people that live in the country starve because of neglect from the state.
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North Korea vs. The West

In the UN, North Korea is under fire from the organization because of their crimes against humanity. These crimes could be their Political Prison Camp, camps made for anyone that opposes the regime and can be closely related to the camps used in the 1940's by Nazi Germany. North Korea continues to neglect their people and refuses to send food to the farmers in the countryside. North Korea's nuclear program aims to create ICBMs to bomb the United State. North Korea has had a cease fire with the American-Backed South Korea and the two nations are still at war.

American Economy, Government and Foreign Policy

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The United States of America

The United States of America is a nation of diversity. The economy of the United States is capitalism. The American form of government is a Federal Democratic Republic and the American plan of government is the Constitution.