How to Have a Good Skin Care Regime

My diet started a few days ago, and the night before it started I decided to eat everything in the house, every candy bar, every ham sandwich, every piece of cheese, and every bit of whip cream left. I figure it would be easier to diet if I did not have delicious foods around to tempt me. Unfortunately I had too much food to eat so I had to invite a few friends over to help me eat everything. We ended up turning the gathering into a slumber party even though we were way too old to be having one. We ate nachos and pizza and told ghost stories and played truth or dare even though we are no longer thirteen. It was so much fun to be able to share my last night together with my good friends before I started my diet the following day. We ended up making chocolate chip cookies and a red velvet cake with the ingredients I had left. Then we decided to go grocery shopping for healthy foods for me to keep at my house. I bought a lot of fruits and a lot of vegetables I did not like. However, I knew that if I was going to go on a diet and lose the weight then I would have to be strong and eat foods I did not like. My friends were kind enough to suggest many different healthy recipes I could use, which was a nice relief. Some of the recipes looked pretty good and actually got me a little excited at the idea of healthy eating. However, I knew I would desperately miss my chocolate chip cookies even though I was given a recipe to make healthier chocolate chip cookies. I just knew they would not taste the same. We ended up going back to my house after we went to the grocery store. After all, we had to continue our slumber party and continue eating everything left in the fridge. We ended up eating most the junk food and ended up feeling pretty gross, but I figured it was worth it. Although I did have some junk food left over, I gave the rest to a few of my friends to take home since they were not planning on going on a diet anytime soon. We ended up spending the rest of the night playing truth or dare, and a lot of the dares involved eating some interesting combinations of foods. For instance, one friend dared me to put some whip cream on my burger and eat it. It did not taste good at all, but it was fun to try. Another friend dared me to put mustard on my beloved chocolate chip cookie and eat it. Overall we had some interesting food combinations and it made me sad that I was going to have to start my diet the following day. I did not want the fun to end. The fun did end, though, when my husband came home and wondered what in the world we were doing. After all, there was food everywhere and there was a huge mess in the kitchen from all the cooking and baking we had done earlier that night. I had to admit what we were doing, and he thought I was crazy. In the end, the slumber party turned out to be a big success even though I woke up the next day feeling a little sick to my stomach. I still believe it was worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose.

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