NEW Mandarin Classes

Join our new Mandarin Class!

Learn Mandarin from a real Beijing Ren!

Our passionate Mandarin teacher speaks the best Putonghua you can imagine - he is really from Beijing!

一个京片子来到香港教普通话。 跟大家聊会儿天儿,解个闷儿,一起品品生活的味儿。

Features of the course

  • Learning Mandarin with focus on Culture
  • Learning Mandarin with poetry
  • Learning Mandarin with fun activities
This is not a pressured academic course, but a fun learning of language and culture.

All language levels are welcome.
If you are interested please contact Dadi Xu by Email

Mandarin Course Details

Time: 19:00-20:30 on Monday starting 20/10
Venue: Room 813, Youth Square, Chai Wan
Fees: 100 HKD Per seesion