Binion E-Meeting

September 7th, 2015

Brittany's Corner

Discipline - Thank you for submitting referrals prior to sending a student to the office. Also, sometimes a referral is submitted just for documentation purposes. Please make sure you let us know if you are just documenting or if you are wanting an administrator to get involved.

Positive Referral - I have created a positive referral form for you to use when you would like to recognize a student for something AWESOME they've done. I will put a few copies in each of your boxes tomorrow. When you are ready to submit one, please turn it in the box outside of my office. Once you run out of forms, you can find it here:

Textbooks - I appreciate you all updating your textbook quantities in Google Docs. Please continue to do so if you exchange books with a teammate. If you are needing more books, please compile ONE email per grade level with all of your textbook requests (only specify the exact amount of books you are lacking).

Ladybug Document Camera Features

BlogSpot Jennifer Canizares referred to as a quick reference for the ladybug document camera.

Upcoming Events


Tuesday Sept 8 Blue -College Shirt Day

Wednesday Sept 9 Purple -LOL Meeting 3:45, Windsuit Wednesday

Thursday Sept 10 Red -PTA Board Meeting 6:00 p.m.

Friday Sept 11 Orange -

Monday Sept 14 Yellow-PLC/Art Day, Teacher Self Report Part I Due

Tuesday Sept 15 Green-

Wednesday Sept 16 Blue-Site Base Team Meeting after school, Practice Fire Drill

Thursday Sept 17 Purple-Parent Information Night

Friday Sept 18 Red BOY RTI

PLC Schedule

3rd grade PLC 8:15-9:15 Room 121

2nd grade PLC 9:20-10:20 Room 121

4th grade PLC 10:25-11:25 Room 121 for Math and Science and Room 211 for ELAR/SLAR

1st grade PLC 11:55-12:55 Room 211

5th grade PLC 1:10-2:10 Room 211 for ELAR/SLAR and Principal Conference room for Math and Science

Kinder PLC 2:15-3:15 Room 211

Need Help with Running Records?

Our reading interventionists, Cathy Thompson and Elaine Delgado, and our AP, Mrs. Smith, are available if you need a refresher in how to do Running Records (they would be happy to schedule a time after school). We'll be using running records, last year's EOY ISIP data, and a preponderance of data to place students on reading tiers.

Here is the link to the Google Doc that allows you to track your students' running record data:

Jeff's Corner

One of the books assistant principals are reading this year is Mindset, by Carol Dweck. It is not a new program or "thing" to do--- it is a glimpse into ourselves and how we have grown accustomed to doing and thinking about things. In a few brief minutes, it shifted me to looking at things differently. I encourage you to take less than 3 minutes and check the video link that introduces this. It's worth it!

"I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things." Mother Teresa

Have a great week!!!

Finding Documents in Eduphoria

Click below for a quick lesson on how to find documents in Eduphoria .

Also the Using Writer’s Notebook is revised and ready!

Teresa Lawson

Elementary ELAR Coordinator

Welcome New Binion Staff

Please take an opportunity to welcome our new staff members!

Amber Morales-Kinder Bilingual Teacher

Viviana Soliz-4th Bilingual Teacher

Janet Deker-5th grade

Brittany Yach-5th grade

Kathy Schiemer-Diagnostician

Doug Shockey-Nurse

Stephanie Frakes-Music Teacher

Tammy Choate-Part Time Music Teacher

Jennifer Dye-Math Interventionist

Lindsey Thompson-Part Time Counselor

Brittany Smith-Assistant Principal

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