Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism

Welcome back!

It's been great to see all of our families again! The kids have settled back into things well and they are learning the new routines. We've figured out more ways to allow the kids to interact, but to keep that physical distance between them. Expect to hear that kids are outside, but physically distant, and that they are enjoying activities indoors "together" but apart.

We're going to begin sharing weekly updates via this format so please look for them via Remind each week.

Thank you parents!

Thank you parents for so many things!

  • For returning your paperwork right away
  • For being patient while we work out the kinks in the new check in process
  • For sending snacks in paper bags every day
  • Most importantly, for continuing to trust us with your kids each day! We are so happy to see them again.

Rethink Login

If you haven't logged into Rethink to check your session notes, please do so. Some parents reported challenges with having access to the file cabinet through the mobile app. If you try to login and have trouble finding the file cabinet, please reach out to your BCBA - we may need to reach out to Rethink for IT support to solve the problem.

Same schedule next week

Remember that next week will still be half days - so stick with the same schedule you had this week!

We will evaluate the half day schedule more next week, and will let you know when we are able to increase our time at the center to full days. Please expect that we will remain on half days AT LEAST through June 19th. There are a lot of moving parts to organize and we want the kids to be successful and engaged in meaningful activities all day in a safe and clean environment, which means we can't rush into it.

Remember that if you have a staggered drop off time, and you're early, we can't check you in early as we've staggered our staff start times too. Thanks for your patience with the new system.


We know it's getting nice outside, but please send your kids in closed-toes shoes with socks. No sandals, and no crocs.

We know their feet can get hot, but we also have staff seated on rolling stools and chairs, and we don't want to roll over anybody's toes!

Crocs cover your toes, but they also tend to fall off and become very distracting.

Thank you!

Paint Shirts

Brighton parents - please bring a paint shirt on Monday for your child to use for the week. It will be kept in an airtight container and used for the week. We will send them home on Friday for you to launder. Please remember to return a paint shirt every Monday morning!

Burton parents - we have paint shirts in the center, and one has been set aside for each child in an airtight container. We will launder the shirts weekly (we have a washer and dryer onsite) and provide a clean shirt for your child every Monday.

Staff Training Update

We completed quite a bit of staff training last week - we had a full day with all our staff in their centers to conduct training specific to returning to work. In the past, we conducted Professional Development days in one building, so all our team members could be together - with new procedures around COVID-19, we had staff members report to their assigned building for training, and used an online meeting to connect as a group. It worked really well for our first attempt!

We covered a lot of topics, including:

  • Recovery Roadmap Update
  • PPE Use and Requirements
  • Policy changes affecting families and staff
  • Review of Professional Crisis Management (PCM) transportation procedures
  • Changes to our kids' schedules and curriculum with physical distancing
  • Changes to reinforcement with new COVID guidelines (AKA how to still have fun!)
  • How scheduled breaks and lunches work for staff with new guidelines

We have CANCELED the Professional Development (PD) Day previously scheduled for June 19th, so that children can attend therapy that day.

Professional Development Day for Staff - Children do not attend therapy

Friday, Aug. 7th, 8am

This is an online event.

Autism Alliance of Michigan Hero Walk: Virtual Edition

Sunday, July 26th, 9am

This is an online event.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan's Hero Walk will be a virtual event this year. They have launched the fundraising website, and you can find more info here:


Strive Center for Autism will definitely have a team for the walk and will share the info on joining our team in an upcoming newsletter!