Genius Hour

Design Your Own Learning

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Brainstorm and design your project

Fill out the questionnaire and then complete the March Madness bracket of your ideas. Use this to help you narrow down what you want to do.

What do you want to learn or do?

  • I would like to learn to change...
  • I would like to learn about…
  • I would like to learn to do…
  • I would like to learn to create…
  • I would like to learn to make…
  • I would like to solve the problem of...


•The Proposal (Is the proposal on-time, and does it address the required questions appropriately?)

•The Blog (Does the post meet the required length, address the required topics, and submitted on-time? Do you post regularly?)

•The Product (Did you successfully move from idea phase to production phase, and do you have something to show at the end of the project?)

•Productivity (Are you spending your time by actively and passionately working on your project? If not, we need to quickly adjust the project so you are working on something that is intrinsically motivating. This is less objective, but if I see students not being productive, I will intervene.)

•Final Presentation (Does your presentation meet all of the required elements?)

The Proposal

•Once you have an idea of what project you want to pursue, you begin writing the proposal. This is how you will “pitch” the project to me and the rest of the class. In this proposal, students will answer the following questions.

What is your project?

•Who will work with you on this project?

•Who is the audience / user base / client base for this project?

•Why is this project worthwhile?

•What do you expect to learn from this project?

•What specific things will you need to read about and research in order to accomplish your goal?

•What PRODUCT will you have to show at the end of the project?

•What sort of materials will you need to work on your project and where will you get it?

•What is your timeline for completing (or launching) your project?

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word
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