Amazing Florida

Blake Rand

Day 1: Hanging with the Lions and Pirates

At this amazing tourist stop there is a walk through and drive through safari. There are so many things to do at Lion Country Safari. There are over 900 animals that you can spend your day with at the safari. There are animal feeding experiences, animal displays and encounters, and a few rides. Also, there is food, and shopping. The cheap price is really worth it. It is located at 2300 Lion Country Safari Road, Loxahatchee, Florida.

Once you leave Lion Country Safari you can drive to Orlando, Florida to see the Pirate's Dinner Adventure. Pirates were in Florida in the 1600s-1700s. At the show there is a replica of a 18th century Spanish galleon and a 300,000 gallon indoor lagoon. You can have some great food and drinks while you watch an amazing pirate show. It is $63.95 for adults and children are $39.45.

Lion Country Safari Preserve Tour Part 1

Day 2: A Tour with Alligators

This great airboat ride takes you on a ride through the Everglades National Park. This spectacular company, Everglades Safari Park, takes you on airboat rides. The airboat rides are a thrilling adventure. You might see a manatee, Florida Panther, or an American Crocodile. Their website is You can have a private tour or a regular tour. The address of this tourist destination is 26700 SW 8 Street, Miami, Florida. Also, there is an amazing restaurant to eat after your airboat ride tour. The price for adults is $23.00 and children are $12.00.

Before it became the Everglades National Park it was once home to the Calusa Indians. Before 1513 they lived in this area until the Spanish found them. They died out in the late 1700s from diseases.

Day 3: Let's take a trip to museums

In the morning you are going to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens In Miami. Florida. Vizcaya is on 3251 South Miami Avenue. You will see Italian and French designs. There are 10 acres of formal gardens. Also, there are orchids on display. For adults it cost 15.00 and a child cost 6.00. There is a café and shop with sandwiches, salads, deserts and it overlooks a famous old swimming pool.

Now, you are going to travel to the Jewish Museum of Florida at 301 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, Florida. You will see some great Jewish culture and some amazing exhibits. The museum opened to the public in 1995 and has been open ever since. Jews came to Miami Beach as early as 1913. This museum has over 100,000 items related to Jewish History.

After you go to the museums go to Little Havana in Miami, Florida. It is home to many Cuban immigrants. It has the most Cuban immigrants in the world living there. You can walk around and eat delicious Cuban food. Some of the landmarks there are Calle Ocho and the Walk of Fame.

Day 4: Feeling the Centuries

Today you are going to St. Augustine. There is an amazing place to go called the Colonial Quarter. You can experience three centuries of Florida history. They have the 16th century, the 17th century, and the 18th century experiences. Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain in 1513. He used a caravel to explore the coastlines. When you go to the Quarter you see a 50 ft. caravel. Next, climb a 17th century watchtower to imagine what Spanish soldiers would have seen. You can visit a 18th century Spanish home that was rebuilt. Also, there is a Gazette Print Shoppe and you will feel like your in the 1700s. Their website is and it is located at 33 St. George Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

After, you will head over to the historic site of Castillo de San Marcos. It is a fort and it is very old. It is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. It was built in 1672 and when it was being built Florida was part of the Spanish empire. There are a lot of things to do like explore the fortress, listen to rangers, watch a video, watch a demonstration, and relax. The fort is located on 11 S Castillo Dr, St Augustine, FL.

Day 5: The Amazing Fun Day

Today you are going to the fantastic Crescent Beach. It is located south of downtown St. Augustine. It is a wildlife refuge, and the beach has great scenery. It offers boating, driving, fishing, and other activities. Florida has a very warm climate so the beach would be a great place to go.

Then after the beach you should go to an amazing family owned restaurant called Benito's Italian Café and Pizzeria. They have some outstanding lunches and dinners. There is some great Italian culture here. Benito's has delicious pizza and mouth watering desserts. It is located at 155 Hampton Point Dr. in St. Augustine.

At night you are going to go on Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure. They take you all over St. Augustine by train to really creepy places and you will fight your fears. The train goes to the old Spanish Fort, and the public Burying Grounds of 1821. You start at the Ripley's Museum and the train picks you up there.