Benefits of GMOs

By: Alan Wang

What Are the Benefits of Genetically Modified Crops?

There are many benefits to GM crops, but these are just a few:

  • GM crops promise many health benefits
  • GM crops are much more resistant to disease, insects, and malnutrition.
  • Since GM crops are more resistant, we will use less pesticides that could harm the environment
  • Genetically modifying plants is both safe and natural, they do it to themselves all the time
  • GM crops have been a big help in the fight against world hunger, it has been able to feed the ever-growing population of many countries
  • GM crops are also closely monitored and tested by GM companies

Should we continue to genetically modify crops?

We should definitely continue to genetically modify crops. In the past, many countries were lacking in food because their crops were just not able to survive. Nowadays, by genetically modifying crops, they have been able to support their ever-growing population. We have made crops more resistant and healthy for the consumers. Their is truly no reason to stop now, since we have just stepped into the world of scientific agriculture.