Vision Dessert and Worship Night

Songs and Prayers of Praise to Our God

Vision and Worship

Hey family,

This Sunday we are going to continue with out last of 3 Vision Nights. We will have dessert and hope that the Lord brings folks to come and see our family of Christ-followers.

Along with that we will be taking a special, extended time devoted to singing and praising our great God and Savior. This is an awesome time to come worship God if things seem to be going well. But it's also the great healing for the soul to worship God even when you're struggling and not quite sure what God's up to at the moment.

Remember we are meeting at a special time this week - 7pm and we will be done by around 8pm. So try your best to be on time! (even early!)

Email me if there are specific songs you'd like to sing, otherwise I'll pick a handful out to worship together.

Looking forward to praising our Great God and Savior, Jesus together with our family!

Vision Dessert and Worship Night

Sunday, Aug. 18th 2013 at 7pm

508 W Leland Ave

McKinney, TX

Invite friends to an evening of songs and praise to God as our Redeemer family.