Voting In The United States

All The Things You Will Need To Know About Voting!


To be able to vote you will need your Address for proof of residence, drivers license for proof of age and birth, and proof that you are a U.S citizen.

Voting is great!!!!

Steps in voting

1- Find out if you're eligible to vote in the next election.

2- Register to vote

3- Find polling place

4- Get a sample ballot

5- Educate yourself on the candidates and the issues.

6- Go vote


15th- African American men can vote

17th- Elect our senators

19th- Women can vote

23rd- Vote in D.C

24th- Ended pole taxes

26th- Lowered voting age from 21 to 18


1870-15th amendment- prohibits denying a person's right to vote because of there race.

1960- civil rights act- introduces penalties against anybody who obstructs an individual's voting rights

1964-24th amendment- outlaws poll tax in national elections

1975-26th amendment- minimum voting age reduced to 18 for all elections

1993-national voter registration act- makes it easier to register to vote and maintain registration


I chose these 5 events because i feel like they made the biggest impact. Like without most for them voting would not be were it is now. For example black Americans would not have been able to vote even women would not have been able to vote.