RC Mac Community News

May 19-22

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for the lovely Staff Appreciation cards! They will be a delightful surprise at our professional development day and make everyone feel special.

This week the newsletter will be published for Tuesday and Thursday. I am expecting to be able to share more information regarding how the school will operate in June later this week.

I imagine that RC MacDonald families will have a variety of opinions around the topic of returning to school part time in June. It will be important for all of us to value the different needs of families and students and to be supportive of each other. I am planning to offer all families a chance to participate in the school gardening project with physical distancing measures in place. This will be an activity that families can do together and then return to work on school assignments from home. It is also something that students may be able to do with their teachers if they are attending part time in June. One way or another everyone is welcomed, invited and included at RC MacDonald Elementary.

Please see below for information on a few school items for the week. Also included are Fitness games and activities.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Roberts


  • Several talented students produced lovely art work for the yearbook cover, One special piece has been chosen for the cover and will be a surprise for you all later in June, The other submissions are featured below. Thank you Keanna, Kacey, Caylee, Arya, Sylvana, Shyla and Vanessa.
  • The school has pre-ordered yearbooks for all 27 grade 5 students. Everyone is invited to purchase a yearbook for $12.00 at the plicbook link (below).

COVID 19 Survey

  • The BC Center for Disease Control has a survey for British Columbia residents. At the end of the survey you can submit your personal information for further participation. The link is below for your reference and also here is a direct copy/paste from the end of the survey: "Here are two more ways you can help public health in British Columbia respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.1) COVID-19 Community Immunity Assessment:By providing a blood sample in an outpatient lab setting, you can find out whether you have been exposed to the 2019 novel coronavirus. This information will allow us to estimate how many people in BC have been exposed. 2) COVID-19 Early Warning Network:By periodically providing information on any symptoms you may experience, we can more quickly and accurately identify areas of the province that may be affected by COVID-19. This will allow public health to quickly respond to future waves of the outbreak with the goal to help those affected by illness, control the spread of infection and minimize the impact on day to day life. You can indicate your interest in participating in each of these initiatives below and we will contact you with more program information and directions on how to proceed."

Garden Grant Project

  • Thanks to Eve for her tremendous work selecting plants and finding the best nursery to order from. We are placing an order right now and hope to have some plants, soil and bark mulch ready for volunteers. I will let you know when once the delivery date is finalized so you can sign up at a convenient time to help us plant.



4) Movement Charades

The game of charades is a fun way for students to be creative, express themselves, and get a healthy dose of moderate physical activity.

Object of Charades: is for the guessers to call out the letter/word/animal that the actor is demonstrating using movements. • Actors cannot speak or make sounds — only movements. y.

Letter List: A C E F H I J K L O P Q T U V X Y

Word Charades List: Toothbrush Car Apple Remote Control Bubblegum Popcorn Bus Airplane

Animal Charades List: Bird Cat Dog Fish Giraffe Horse Rabbit Spider

Movie List Coco Finding Nemo Frozen Harry Potter Spiderman Lion King Monsters Inc. Toy Story

Sports Charades List: Archery Baseball Basketball Golf Hockey Horseracing Soccer Volleyball

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