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CREC Montessori Magnet March 2019 Newsletter

March is Women's History Month!

Come down to check out some books for Women's History Month and learn about important contributions of women in history! What great women inspire YOU??

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

They say everyone is Irish one day a year... so happy St. Patty's Day! Students learned about the legend of Patrick and the origins of the holiday. They were also riveted by the folk tale of Fin M'Coul, the giant whose witty wife Oonagh helped him to outsmart the bully Cucullin. For more exciting tales from the Emerald Isle, stop down to the Media Center. Slainte!

CT Student Writer's Magazine Honorable Mentions

Four MMS students - Kamila Lugo, Kaylyn Wilson, Maxwell Chang, and Sarah Zirbel - have received an Honorable Mention in the CT Student Writer's Magazine this year. Connecticut Student Writers is a statewide magazine established in 1988 and published by the Connecticut Writing Project at Storrs, in order to recognize excellence in student writing. They will be invited to the UCONN campus for a Recognition Night in May and will get a chance to see Suzy Kline, the author of the Horrible Harry series and more. Congratulations!

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair was a great success! We made almost $4000, which means over $900 for the PTA! The students enjoyed browsing and shopping for new titles and school supplies. Besides getting great new books, it's a solid lesson in budgeting and managing money. Thanks to everyone who came out to make the Book Fair one to remember!

Library Top Readers February 11-March 11

Top patrons took out between 9 and 25 books!

Noah C., Adelaide W-H., Adrian J., Paul Z., Ameera P., Charlie H., Nathan C-S., Jahmanuel L., Alexandrina M., Alexander M.


Book: Narwhal and Peanut Butter and Jelly

By: Seyge Turcotte-Briggs, Jaylene Garcia, and Risa Kollapu

We all read the Narwhal and Peanut Butter and Jelly graphic novel. We like it because it is funny and the pictures are colorful. In this book, Narwhal is being crazy about peanut butter because he doesn't know what it is as he only eats waffles. We love graphic novels because the pictures make it like it's actually talking to us and the words aren't hard to read.We would recommend this book to people who like funny stories and graphic novels.

Use technology to be a poet!

Upper and Lower Elementary students studied haikus and wrote their own. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry where the syllables of each line are counted in a 5-7-5 pattern. Try writing your own, or play with the silly Haiku Generator at


Be a good digital citizen!

Are you a good digital citizen? What does that mean? Students - check out the video below! Parents! You can find good resources about talking to kids about responsible online behavior at the second link below.


We have a lot of overdue books. Please check for books you may have borrowed and bring them back promptly so that others may enjoy them. Checkouts are for two weeks, but you can check with the librarian to renew them as well. See you soon!
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