Cool News from Team KB

May 4, 2016

Remember these on-going homework opportunities please :)

  • Practice counting to 100 with your child!
  • Take a few minutes to have your child read some sight words every day! Watch for some sight word "assignments" in Class Dojo!
  • Check out the Seesaw app for new posts.
  • Many families are utilizing the little laminated cards to access the "homework" I assign on Reading A to Z (

Notes from Mrs. Rodriguez

In phonics we continue to learn new rules. English is a tricky language!

Our concept last week was digraph th and digraph oo. Remember a digraph is when two letters come together to make one sound. Both of these digraphs have two unique sounds...Digraph oo is found in tooth and in hook. Digraph th is voiced in feather and unvoiced in tooth. (If you can't tell by hearing it, put your hand on your throat when you say it. You will feel the vibration. You can also feel the voiced sound of the letter s in the word has.) The children can show you how to make a voice line, as my newsletter program does not have the "strike through" option.

Remember an example of a word with a breve is hat, and the breve goes above the a, because the a is a vowel that is followed by a consonant. Also when you see an open long in the word go, The o has a macron above it because there is no consonant following it.

We are working very hard on Mother's Day gifts...please don't ask the children to spoil the surprise! I will send them home on Friday...try to wait until Sunday. ;)

In Math we are working on adding to a 10. We have worked so much with 10 frames that this is not hard for the children. WooHoo!! They are doing so well!

Important Dates!!!

Monday, May 9th- Mrs. Luhman presents Cinco de Mayo

Wednesday, May 18 - This is a 2 hour early out - Dismissal begins at 1:00.

Friday, May 20th - Mr. Haigh presents Renewable Energy

Wednesday, June 1st - Your child will need to bring a sack lunch for our Out and About in Onarga Adventure.

Friday, June 3rd - Bubble Day!!! (9:00-11:30) Lunch in the Pavilion!! Report Card Day!!! Early Dismissal!!! (1:00)


I thought I would let you know that the children know the rules of our classroom very well, but remembering to follow them seems to be hard currently. Say "Team KB Rules" to your child and she or he should be able to list:
  • Follow Directions
  • Raise Your Hand to Speak
  • Listen When Someone Else is Talking
  • Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself
  • Be Polite
Please take some time to review these rules with your child every once in a while. Thanks!

Cool Quote of the Week

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. ~ Maya Angelou


Sharing may include
  • an item from your home that begins with the letter of the week.
  • a non-perishable food item for G.O.D.'s Food Pantry.

Sharing Schedule

Tuesday ~Robert, Claire, Miley, Aayden, Jasmine, Jayden, Autumn, Lizette

Wednesday ~ Alivia, Arianna, Andres, Emma, Issac, Edgar, Jose, Vander

Thursday ~ Ryan, Bentley, Carina, Avah, Owen, Eduardo, Samuel, Julian

Cold Weather Policy

Our classroom is warm most of the time, so you might want to consider dressing your child in layers, i.e. a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt over it. As far as recess time recently we have been needing a heavier jacket for the morning outdoor time and a lighter jacket for the afternoon recess. If you send your child with a heavy coat in the morning then I have them put it on for the morning outdoor time. They get warm and fussy, but I can't have them going in and out of the building to get a coat or hang it back up, so they have to keep it on. I also don't want them to lay the coats in a big stack on the playground because their coats will get dirty.

Remember the weather is ever-changing (especially this year). With this in mind, please send your child with clothing appropriate to the weather.

Can You Help Us Please?

How can you help your child from home?

*watch the green folder for important papers from the office and for homework. Take a few minutes each night to help your child complete the homework, making sure they write their *own* name. :) Every once in a while you might want to wipe down the green folder. They are getting really sticky :(

*read to your child, at least 20 minutes each day. We have been sending home Book-In-A-Bag as often as we have volunteers in to check them out for us.

How can you help our classroom from home?

*save Boxtops and Campbell's Labels for Education, put them in a bag and send them in to school!

*we love "good clean garbage" like:

~clean empty frosting containers

We have plenty of (need no more right now, thanks!)

~clean lids from water bottles, soda bottles and clean empty Crystal Light containers.