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with Hornet Library -- March 19, 2018

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Laurens Kippers is a teacher from the Netherlands. Not finding a resource that was free for teachers, simple to use and used all the digital widgets he needed to run his classroom, he created one, classroomscreen.com.

This customizable website will let you:

  • Post a clock
  • Use a timer or stopwatch
  • Use a changeable stoplight (stop, wait, go)
  • Use Work levels (silence, whisper, ask a neighbor, work together)
  • Add text (use for bell ringers/exit tickets)
  • Draw (many colors and line thicknesses available)
  • Post a QR code
  • Use a Sound Level monitor (you can set the sensitivity)
  • Incorporate a Random Name Generator or a 1, 2, or 3 Dice roll
  • Set your own background, to include using a live feed camera
  • Set your own language (nearly 50 options)

If you are looking for a few tools to use in the classroom to develop or maximize workflow and classroom management, then the classroomsceen.com website is a great place to start.

Survival Tips for New (and not so new) Teachers

"The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds it hard to answer." ~ Alice Wellington Rollins

Try Something New

Random Name Pickers or Random Number Generators are an easy way to have a little extra excitement while still getting serious work done in the classroom. The website Online-Stopwatch.com has many styles to choose from for a little added entertainment.
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Starbucks, Anyone?

Is there something you would like to tell your future self? Futureme.org is a website that will allow you to send yourself an email 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or even a specific date in the future. This is a great time of year to start reflecting. Use futureme.org to inspire yourself. For this challenge, write yourself a letter and then email me that you did it (just that you did it, not what you wrote!) for entry into our weekly drawing. As always, entry into the drawing will close on Sunday night.

For those of you with students struggling to get through these last weeks of school, challenge them to write to their future self. Where do they want to see themselves in the future? Are the choices they are making getting them to their goals?

Have a great week.

Reservations for Technology

All reservations for Lab, ChromeBook Carts/Tubs, iPads and VR Equipment can be found here.


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