Poetry paloza


Silverstein the basics

He was born in Chicago Illinois In September 25 in 1903

He was a artist at the age of 12 and Passed college in the Chicago academy of fine arts

He drop out of college to join the army September 1953

While he was at U.S. bases he drew cartoons and published in the U.S. stripes magazine

cartoon before pomes

He soon left the military and began summiting cartoons to magazines and his work was being published in magazines like Look sports illustrated and the week

His work became famous so he published a book Take ten and became known globally

He started a world notebook and became even more famous

the poet in me


in 1947 he came up with his first poetry book "where the sidewalk ends" witch it was a children's poem book is was consider a humors and silly it also came in black and white illustration. But the most famous book he published was the giving tree.

Silversteins terms and awards

Some of his poetic terms are imagery,personify and foreshadowing

Some of his awards are

The 1970 Grammy award for best contrey song

The 1985 Grammy for the best children album

And the 2005 quill award for the best children liastarted book

Why shel

The reason why I chose shel is because I rember reading some of his poems and loving them and I also have a special connection to the giving tree. I selcted these poems because I thought they would be a great example of how silly his poems are and cheer up anybody who watches them