Project Conserve

AIESEC in Hyderabad | India

Why should you take up this project?

The world today is adversely effected by climatic change, global warming, deforestation, floods etc. The imbalance in the environment is getting worse.
Let us work for a better tomorrow.
Let us take step to conserve the nature.
Be a part of this brilliant project with AIESEC in Hyderabad and GO GREEN


What is Conserve?

Project Conserve is primarily a workshop based project where the interns will be delivering workshops on various issues regarding the environment in various schools and colleges and also participating in plantation drives.

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Why AIESEC in Hyderabad?

AIESEC Hyderabad is one of the most active Local Committees in the AIESEC India network. We do more than 450 exchanges every year. We are known to not only drive exchange but also create an impact on the society and individual who is going through an internship experience. We believe in delivering quality exchanges and making this possible for every one who gets associated with AIESEC Hyderabad.

It would be an amazing chance for you to get matched to one of the pioneering LCs of AIESEC India, which has also won APXLDS "Excellence awards" since the past 2 years consecutively.


Anjani Anusuri

Team Leader | iGCDP

AIESEC in Hyderabad | India

Skype: anjani.anusuri