Physical Therapist

Chandra Bolin

Occupation and Descrpition

Physical Therapist help get people back to there daily lives from an injury, surgery or getting old.

- Examine each individual patient separately

- Make a specific treatment plan for each individual

- Reduce pain

- Restore function

- Prevent disability

- Help bring mobility back to the injured location

Certifications Necessary to Practice

1. Complete a Residency (Optional)

2. Meet State's Licensing Requirements

3. Obtain Board Certification (take a test that has 3 parts)

Daily Activities: Nature of the Work

- Meet with 3 or 4 patients before lunch

- Do paper work either in between patients or set time aside during the day to complete paper work

- Work with patients for about an hour doing different things

- Diagnosing rehab plan

- Stretch out the patient

- do exercises

- ice and help relax the muscles

- have meetings with other doctors in the office

- communicate with the patients other doctors


1. Obtain a High School diploma

2. Earn a Bachelor's Degree in a related science field (4 years)






3. Complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Program (2 more years)


As of January 2015:

Average- $79, 649

Lowest 10 percent- $67,595

Highest 10 percent- $91,877

Skills Necessary

- be able to bend, twist, pick up heavy items

- be gentle to patients in the tender spots

- have good speaking skills

- be able to work 40 hour weeks, maybe longer

- identify changes in skin colors

- identify where the bones in the body are located

- have the ability to hear weird sounds throughout the body

- good time management

- diagnose a patient well without second guessing themselves

- preform CPR if necessary

- understand what the patient is saying, like not in medical term language

Practice Skills- Where would you work?

- Private physical therapy offices

- Rehabilitation centers

- Community health centers

- Nursing homes

- Home health agencies

- Corporate or industrial health centers

- Sports facilities

- Research institutions

- Schools

3 Fun Facts

There are different ways to do physical therapy

1. Cold or Heat Therapy- when the spot of complication gets a ice pack or heat pad put on to help the relaxation of the spot.

2. Ultrasound- used to help with muscle spasms, relaxes muscles before exercise, uses high pitch sound waves.

3. Electrical Stimulation- electric current is used to create an effect in the body that treats a specific problem from broken bones, surgeries, stroke and other events to reduce pain.

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