My 217 Adventure


My reflections on the quarter

Here it is!

My Amazingest Accomplishment

:) Sooo, how do I begin? Well, The thing I belive to be my most amazing accomplishment is FEAR FEST of course. I mean that was one of the biggest performances of my life (not to mention my ballet recitals :) I mean, all the work we went through? Hours and Hours of endless work! Why wouldn't it be a BIG PERFORMANCE? Ok, Ok, I'll stop.

If I didn't, It would be to much writing. :)


My greatest challenge

Well, 4th grade IS pretty cool. I don't have a lot of challenges besides that I have to wake up at 6:00 to get to school, but thats besides the point :P. Well BESIDES THAT

(heeheehee) I'm fine :D. So overall I think that waking up at 6 on a monday for school is SO HARD kind of... Considering I do it EVERY DAY, :) im pretty used to it.

My goal 4 the next quarter

IS... To get some math done 4 pete sake :). I dunno, I mean probably it's my goal... Yea. Well I am on lesson 3-7, but I didn't do ANY at home. THAT WAS A MISTAKE :) I guess. WELL YEP THATS MY GOAL FOR THE QUARTER, heeheehee I dunno.


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