Learning About Your Child

Sara Lovi 5th period

Newborn Appearance

New born babies will look way different than what expected. Babies will have a large head, with a soft spot, known as a fontanelle. All baby's come out with a mucus type substance all over their body, called vernix. This protects your baby while in the womb. Your baby's face and eyes will most likely seem swollen. For the first few hours of life, babies will have pink lips and blue hands and feet. Their legs and feet will appear bowed or bent because of the limited space in the uterus. This is all normal, so their is no need to worry.

Bonding with your infant

There are many ways to bond with your child.

- Feeding Time


- Touch

* skin to skin contact

* holding/ cradling

-Soothing Sounds

* nature sounds

* static/ radio/ tv

- Massage

*rub back to relax

- Daily Routines


- Bath/ Bed

* being close

- Changing

* blankets/ diapers

Appropriate Toys

There are many toys that are inappropriate for an infant, being so, you need to choose toys that help develop their locomotion, cognition, special relations, exploration, manipulation of objects, and perception skills.

An appropriate toy will be produced from durable materials, so that they don't break. So they don't cut of hurt themselves, rounded edges. Because they put their mouths on everything, it has to be painted with non-toxic substances. It should be colorful, and if it obtains string on it, the cord has to be less than 12 inches. Because babies are rough with their toys, it needs to be tightly constructed. And lastly age appropriate.

Bottle Feeding Vs. Breast Feeding

Bottle Feeding

Pros: shorter feeding time, convenient, developed fine motor skills (gripping bottle), pre made bottles, anyone can feed your baby, returning to work will be convenient, reduces strain on mother

Cons: less nutrients for baby, may contain extra chemicals, lots of bottle equipment, washing bottles, expensive, no natural immunities, long sterilization process, greater likelihood of allergic response

Breast Feeding

Pros: baby receives more nutrients, no bottle equipment, all natural, cheaper, emotional bond, natural immunity, sanitary, reductuion or respiratory ailments, convenient/ time saving, bonding with mother, mother's uterus returns to normal size more quickly, weight loss

Cons: sore breasts, time consuming, socially uncomfortable, painful/ rashes, messy, mother's medication may be hazardous, mother's breast enlarge/ gain weight, father doesn't bond

Introduction To New Foods

At birth

Milk from breast feeding/ formula

2/4 weeks

Orange juice/ Vitamin C supplements

4 weeks

Fluoridated water

3 months

Cereals that provide iron and taste differences (make sure it is watery)

Vitamin B supplements

3-4 months

Mashed/ grated hard cooked egg yolk

Protein & Iron

4 months

Puréed fruits and vegetables


***introduce one at a time and watch for allergic reactions***

6 months

Puréed meats

Protein and iron

7 months

Breads and pastas

Vitamin B supplements


Teething crackers

With teeth

Strained and chopped adult food

All nutrients

Signs Of A Healthy Child

-Sleeps soundly

-Eats without coaxing

-Grows steadily in height and weight over months

- Teeth are in great conditions

-Few aches and pains

-Enjoys both individual and group activity

-alert, active, cheerful,and interested in happenings

-happy/ smiles

-eating regularly

-lots of movement and is active

-in their age development

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

The sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than one year of age.


  • Place baby to sleep on back, not stomach
  • Use firm sleeping surface
  • Don't put pillows/blankets/sheepskins/crib bumpers in crip
  • Dress baby in a one piece sleeper *no blanket
  • No soft objects/ toys/ loose bedding out
  • No smoking around the baby
  • Baby's should sleep in their crip not in an adult bed/couch/chair alone

Safe Crib Sleeping

  • Place baby to sleep on back
- never on top of blankets or pillows

-no missing screws

  • Only repair with manufacturer items
-all parts are secure

-mattress is firm

-no gaps around the edges of the mattress