Foundations 1-Literature Class

September 23, 2015-Class 5

Another Great O Henry Story....

In class we began reading and annotating "After Twenty Years" by O Henry. As do many of his stories, this one has quite a plot twist. I told both classes that each year, someone comes in to class just not sure what happened at the end. I encouraged them to keep a list of characters and to read slowly and carefully when they get to the end. If they are still confused, ask a parent! Please feel free to jump in and read with them. You will most certainly enjoy it as well!

Notice Nicole's rapt attention (in photo below) as we were reading in class!

Lit Pack Grades

I've got a tote full of Lit Packs to be re-graded. Love it! So proud to see so many students taking the opportunity to not only better their grades, but to better themselves. Way to go, students (and parents!)

New grades will be up by the weekend.

Lit Packs Can Still Be Re-Submitted Next Week-----Here are the Four Easy Steps

1. Look on rubric to see where you lost points

2. Make corrections using a different color pen to make regrading easier

3. If you are unsure how to "fix" something, text

4. Resubmit and smile when you see your new grade! You can be proud of a job well done!

Engrade Accounts

Many of you have logged into Engrade. If you should need any help, please ask. Engrade Slips are attached to the inside cover of the returned Lit Packs. Set up an account and you can use your child's unique access code to log in and see grades.

Prayer Request

Please lift up the Walston Family and Kristi as she travels back to Wisconsin because her step-mother's health has declined.

Wendy Blankinship

Foundations 1-Literature Class

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