Child Slavery, Bring It To An End!

By:Tae Smith

Why does child slavery exist in Africa?

Slavery has existed in Africa for a long time, now the traffickers are targeting children to do their work. We must try to put a stop to these labour practices. We now know why children are being targeted for slavery. Heres why, ”Farmers earn less than $2 per day, an income below the poverty line. As a result, they often resort to the use of child labor…”These children need you to help them to get through this hard time. They don't deserve to be enslaved.

The Consequences Of Slavery

With all problems theres always going to be a consequence for it, for child slavery the consequences are devastating for the children.''Any work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children ; work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity ; work that interferes with children’s education by limiting their school attendance, forcing them to leave school prematurely, or obliging them to combine schooling with excessive and arduous work tasks. This is why we have to stop slavery-it has a devastating effect on children Children do not deserve this kind of treatment.
Leaving Child Labour and Returning to School

Solutions to the conflict

With most problems there are solutions. Fortunetly there are solutions to child slavery. People have tried to stop this by raising awareness and raising money. ICI upholds the International Conventions that promote child rights and that outlaw these labour practices, as well as the relevant supporting national laws. There are many industries that are trying to help stop slavery in Africa, but they don't have to be the only one's who are taking a stand to child slavery you can to.

How can we stop child slavery

How can we provide hope for those who have been enslaved, we can help by donating to people who send the money to Africa, we can also tighten security at smaller airport. Encourage organizations that are helping this cause. Give hope to those who have none. We need to stop this as soon as we can. You can help by donating money to local charities that are trying to stop this. You can also help by starting your own local cause.

Map of Africa

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