Kindergarten News

October 13, 2017

Conversation Starters

As a way to foster conversations with your child about what we are learning, please ask him/her the following:

Fire Safety: Who do you call in case of a serious fire? Where is your family's meeting place? What do you do if your clothes catch on fire? (stop, drop, roll and cover your face)

Fairy Tales: Ask your child about his favorite fairy tale that he has heard this week during Reading Workshop. I encourage you to read fairy tales with your children.

Word Work

We can name facts about sentences. (How many words are in the sentence, what do sentences start with, what do they end with, etc.)
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Writers Workshop

As Writers, we make sure we include who is in the story, where is it taking place and what is happening in the story.

Reading Workshop

As Readers, we can be storytellers by looking at the pictures, remembering what happens on each page, then "reading" the story.
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Literacy Workstations

Shared Reading

We can locate patterns in our stories and notice pattern changes.
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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians, we can put numbers in sequential order.
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Social Scientists

As Social Scientists, we can state facts about Mycology (the study of fungi).

We can state facts about fire safety.

Anna found fungi on pizza!

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Appreciating Our Custodians

Recently it was "Custodian Appreciation Week". Our class signed a note of appreciation.
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Mr. Gantt read to us!

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Mrs. Poston's oldest son Zachary read to us!

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Readers at Home!

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Family Fun

We welcome all of our kindergarten friends and families to send in pictures of family fun. We will have your child share his/her pictures with our classmates on the SmartBoard. Sometimes, we might include the pictures in our weekly Smore newsletter.

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