The order of operations helps you break down long expressions.

A sentence to help you remember the order of operations is please excuse my dear aunt Sally, If you put all the first letters in each word together it would spell PEMDAS witch is the order you solve the expression in.

What each letter stands for in order.

Each letter in PEMDAS means something. The P stands for parentheses, if you see parentheses in an expression then you do that equation first. The E stands for exponents, if you see exponents in an execution than you do that step right after the parentheses if there are any. The M and the D stand for multiplication and division, multiplication and division come after the parentheses and the exponents if there are any, if there is a multiplication and division equation in the expression than you do witch ever equation comes first. The A and the S stand for addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction come after the parentheses, exponents, and multiplication and division, if there are an addition equation and a subtraction equation then you do witch ever equation comes first.

The order of operations help you.

The order of operations will help you get the accurate answer for long expressions