6P News

April 1, 2016

Statistics Project

Over the next two weeks will be working on a statistics project in class. With groups, they have generated a short list of statistical questions and we created an electronic class survey. The survey has been sent out to various fifth and sixth grade students for completion. Once we receive the responses early next week, students will begin analyzing the data that was collected. Following this data analysis, each group of students will create an infographic using Google Slides to display their findings. This is one of my favorites assignments of the school year, and I plan to include some of the students' finished infographics in future newsletters.

Solar Ovens

Our solar oven picnic is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 15. We will be working over the next few weeks to research different solar oven designs and will test different solar oven materials and designs together.

Students were given a handout with the assignment requirements and rubric early this week. This handout is also available on Google Classroom and below. While the assignment does have various components and seems a little overwhelming at first, students should begin by designing and building their solar ovens. With planning on the student's part, it should take no more than an hour or two for them to build their solar ovens at home. Please note that students will have NO time in class to construct their individual ovens. Solar ovens should be constructed entirely at home.

Students have been told, but I want to reassure families that only solar ovens are due on April 15. The paper will be due approximately one week after our picnic as it requires students to reflect on the successes of their designs. Students will have class time following our solar oven picnic to work on the paper.

Scholastic Book Order due 4/15

I will be submitting a Scholastic Reading Club order on Friday, April 15. Students have recently received various order forms or orders can be placed online at: https://orders.scholastic.com/L3RJB

Bonnie Pollock

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