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Volume 16-17, Issue 3

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George J. Mitchell School

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Mission Statement

“In order to prepare our children to be productive and responsible citizens, the Mission of the Little Egg Harbor Township School District is to develop and maintain a collaborative and nurturing learning environment fostering individual abilities and encouraging all children to achieve their highest potential. We expect all children to meet or exceed the grade level benchmarks set forth in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS).”

A Note From Mrs. Giannuzzi

As the George J. Mitchell School Family continues to experience a successful school year, it’s hard to believe that we have just a few days left before summer vacation!

Our teachers and their students are involved in their end of the year activities, but continue to take part in creative lessons resulting in opportunities for problem solving and discovery.

Students in grades 3-6 have just completed their PARCC and 4th Grade NJASK assessments and all students in grades K-6 continue to be actively involved in completing innovative project based learning activities using the American Reading Company and Journeys Program, the Zaner-Bloser Writing Program and the Go Math Program. With our integrated curriculum that includes Social Studies, Science, Technology, Art, Music, Foreign Language and Physical Education, our students will be completing their research on many exciting topics of their choice.

All students in grades K-6, recently have enjoyed our GJM Spring Concert and the GJM Drama Club production of Alice in Wonderland, as well as the Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser, the BOGO Scholastic Book Fair, the Relay for Life Mini Walk and Scooterville. These activities are just a few of the many school and district sponsored activities that our students took part in this past winter and current spring. Our staff and students are looking forward to their Field Day Activities, their End of Year Celebrations and the 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony.

As we end this school year, our GJM teachers and their students will take part in many fun lessons and activities that will result in lasting memories for all! Continued communication between our staff and families is an essential component for student success. I welcome any questions or concerns and continue to look forward to working with all of you as we approach the end of this school year. I hope all of you have a very safe and enjoyable summer!

Yours in Education,

Deborah Giannuzzi


Students of the Month


Hayden Westcott (K Atkinson)

Sasha Gomez (K Glock)

Riley Procaccini (1 Klements/Ferraro)

Sophia Villani (2 Pascale)

Peyton Auermuller (3 Fitzpatrick)

Hannah Theuret (4 Baker)

Samantha Fisher (5 Wright)

Jack O'Brien (6 Andrews)


Logan Pirylis (K Smith)

Bianca Farias (1 Lawler)

Colin Richter (2 DiMauro)

Madison Schiller (2 Sink)

Dylan Forrest (3 Simmons)

Alexis Broderson (4 Arnold)

Michael Hayduk (5 Schmidt)

Olivia Benson (6 Beck)



This month the STEAM Lab has been busy with Mrs. Heck and Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s Third Graders designing and building seventeen different invention/innovation prototypes that they hope will make our lives easier.

On June 1, they presented their ideas to an audience of their peers, administrators, teachers, parents, grandparents, and other family members. They had a great time speaking about their ideas and celebrated at the end with cookies and brownies.

Fourth and Fifth graders have been busy designing and building straw mazes that had to follow certain constraints and they have just finished a new challenge to build a weight bearing bridge out of index cards without using tape or glue. The designs were interesting and the constraints proved to be a major challenge.

Sixth graders are busy building a structure for their Angry Birds that will not only bear weight, but will also withstand hurricane force winds, and an earthquake.

Student's in Mrs. Henderson's STEAM class have been busy this trimester collaborating on team building challenges. These challenges require planning, problem solving, and creative thinking to complete a certain task using a given set of materials. The end result builds trust and facilitates communication and teamwork. The students have also been writing codes to create interactive stories, games, and animations through Scratch is a free online programming language that can be used by students, teachers, and parents as well!

Kindergarten News

Flag Day Show

Kindergarten students worked long and hard to learn patriotic songs for our Flag Day Show to celebrate our great country. From speaking to singing to designing posters, they all did an awesome job!

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First Grade News

First graders at GJM wrapped up our Character Pillar program by celebrating our ninth pillar - Empathy. Throughout the month, first grade students learned how to put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand what they might be feeling.

We also created an awareness of empathy throughout GJM by celebrating Red Nose Day on May 25th. Red Nose Day is an international campaign to help children in need and teach others about empathy.

First grade teachers would like to thank all of our students for working hard this year to recognize how important it is to show good character in school, home and the community. We are especially proud of our students who earned certificates throughout the year exemplifying the character pillars.

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Second Grade News

The GJM Second Grade has been busy this Spring. They had the opportunity to travel to the Count Basie Theatre to see a performance by the Golden Dragon Acrobats. A resident artist from the theatre came for some pre and post show activities to help enhance the experience. At the show the children held their breath and then gasped with excitement at the amazing feats performed by the talented acrobats.

Mrs. Eastburn’s class participated in a few mathematics competitions through SUM DOG. SUM DOG is a differentiated math skills program that has free features, you should check it out this summer. They won first place in Ocean County and went on to place 9th out of over 3,500 classes nationally. As a grade level we focused on poetry this Spring. We explored such poems as acrostic, concrete, haiku, couplets, and more. The creativity was in full bloom as students chose their medium and completed their poems on topics of their choosing. The hallway and classrooms were a colorful display of poetry written by our talented young authors.

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Third Grade News

The Third Grade had a very busy May. They began the month writing about why their mother should be People Magazine’s Mother of the Year.

Students also attended the Township Recycling Field Trip at the LEH Athletic Complex along with Frog Pond 3rd graders. They actively participated with many performers; including singers, Ocean County’s recycling robot, and a magician. While it was very hot that day, the students were attentive and interacted with the performers. To wrap up, we came back to school and discussed the lessons learned and what they would do to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Our month concluded with the 3rd grade recorder concert. Our students have been learning how to play their recorders since January with Miss Soden. They performed wonderfully!

Fourth Grade News

It has been a great year in fourth grade. The students have learned many new skills in Math and English Language Arts and applied them across the curriculum. Please encourage your child to read over the summer, use their math skills while cooking with the family, shopping, and traveling on vacations, and apply their writing skills while keeping a daily journal about their summer vacation.

We would also like to congratulate the following four students for recently receiving a Certification of Participation from the Ocean County Clerk’s 4th Grade Ocean County Poster.

Contest Participants this year:

Aubrey Harker, Ryan Dippolito, Lauren Mathis, and Hope Sheetz.

Below are their posters.

Have a great summer!

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Mrs. Mulligan Set To Retire

Fourth grade will never be the same!!! Losing Mrs. Mulligan from our team will certainly change the dynamics of the 4th grade hall. No more morning and afternoon chats, no more good advice given, no one to learn, “Small groups” from. Mrs. Mulligan has made an impression on countless students throughout the years. She has instilled in her students, a love for learning. With her vast knowledge and caring personality, she has taught us all a bit more to make us better teachers and learners. As a team, we have counted on her and she will forever be our, “Lead Teacher.”

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Fifth Grade News

At the end of every school year, several of the 5th grade classes come together to celebrate the last 26 days of school. Students are given a blank calendar labeled A to Z. The each get a chance to fill in something they would like to learn or do that begins with the specific letter of the day. For the letter G this year, students chose game day. Some of the games played included Kahoot it, Headbands, and Pie in the Face. The students had a fantastic time!

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A group of students in 4/5-Arnold were selected to compete in the NJSBA/US Army Central Regional STEAM Tank competition on May 12. The team presented their invention, "The Glasses Hat," to a team of judges from various careers in engineering. They became one of six teams selected to compete at the NJ State STEAM Tank competition in the fall at the NJSBA Convention.​
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Mr. Schmidt's class finished up the school year with conducting research and constructing a 3-d model of a monument of their choice from around the world. They also turned an unused courtyard at GJM into a community garden where crops and plants will flourish through the summer into the fall.

Fifth Grade World Showcase

The students in 5 C/W have been working on a Disney-themed cross-curricular unit. In Social Studies, they researched the countries in the Epcot World Showcase. Students were responsible for learning about the culture, holidays, food and government of their country, among other things. The students were also responsible for making a creative representation of their country, whether it was food, games, clothing, the flag or music. The students then presented their projects to their Kindergarten buddies and Second Grade Mitchell Mates. The younger students were quizzed about the information they learned and were given prizes such as food, stickers, coloring books or flags for participating.

Sixth Grade News

Mrs. Patricia Naples, Science Teacher, Set to Retire

After an event-filled 32 year career spent extricating snails from marshes, gathering samples from local waterways, gathering endless supplies from various sources, and encouraging countless students to experience the wonders of science, Mrs. Patricia Naples is set to retire at the close of this school year. Her achievements, influence, and dedication has impacted many lives. For her students, she strives to create hands-on experiences that emphasize science as an active, inquiry-driven process. Be it a la carte from a cart or in a dedicated science lab classroom, Mrs. Naples’ enthusiasm and content knowledge created an infectious atmosphere that shouted, “WE LOVE SCIENCE!” From ecology to earthquakes, simple machines to DNA, she did it all (and with flair- Patty loves the bling of a sparkly thing).

That she did these lessons while often volunteering her time before and after school speaks of her love for teaching. Mrs. Naples served many years as the faculty advisor for the Yearbook Committee while squeezing in more early mornings to lead the E-Cyber Mission teams to coveted state and national championships. The George J. Mitchell School recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award for 2016, Patty is a hallmark of the profession; indeed, she is an educator for all seasons.

Those fortunate enough to have worked directly with Mrs. Naples will miss her wit, generosity, creativity, and candor. She has been our voice of reason. Many have sought her counsel to gain perspective, and with a calm demeanor she has never wavered to assist a colleague. This is true professionalism. Of such people- such character- is the foundation of a true learning community built. As she leads students out of the building for the last time on June 15th, Mrs. Naples will leave behind something far greater than fond memories: inspiration. On behalf of all your students and colleagues past and present, we thank you, Patricia Naples, for inspiring so many. You truly are one of a kind.

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Twenty-seven students took a trip down the rabbit-hole to Wonderland as the GJM Drama Club performed "Alice in Wonderland" this May.

Three additional students helped with sound and stage as we all sang and danced through the show. While many of the students are repeat performers with the GJM Drama Club, we had some new talent also appear in the production.

Everyone did a fantastic job!

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GJM Spring Concert

On March 27th, over 110 GJM Choral Students from the 4th, 5th and 6th grade performed for a School Assembly as well as a public evening spring concert. Student’s performed various traditional and contemporary selections ranging from a medieval madrigal, a jazz standard, musical theater, pop, R&B and a nationalist piece.

During one classical piece, student utilized sign-language to the delight of the audience. Zinna Moon and Audrey Fuscellaro also accompanied the choir for an up-tempo pop performance. The concert cadenced with the 6th graders having individual solos for their final GJM Spring concert.

The advanced band took us on an epic musical journey. Ms. Soden put together a collection of 5 songs that sounded like a story. Several sixth grade students then wrote a fantastic mythical story based on what they heard. The writers also served as the narrators for the performance. The beginner band really showed off all their hard work with their three selections as well.

The new Music Teacher, Mrs. Aristizabal, and Ms. Soden applaud the student's beautiful performance! Job well done! Thank you!

Third Grade Recorder Concert

Third grade and the entire band program performed together at this years recorder concert. Over 80 3rd graders dazzled the crowd with such songs as “BAGzilla” and “Leapin Lemurs”. In between these rocking recorders, the almost 60 member GJM band played themes from video games such as Super Mario Brothers and Legends of Zelda. Everyone who participated did a fantastic job!

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Relay For Life

The Little Egg Harbor School District joined the rest of Southern Ocean County to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society through the Relay for Life.

Throughout the months of April and May all kindergarten through sixth grade students participated in a special project called Art Beating Cancer during their art classes. Each student decorated a luminary bag that could then be dedicated to someone they knew that has battled cancer. These bags were illuminated at during the Luminaria Ceremony at the Relay for Life of Southern Ocean County.

On Friday, May 5th we held our Little Egg Harbor School District Mini-Relay for Life for the district’s 1st through 6th graders. We had 150 students participate and countless staff volunteers. The students of the district raised over $6,200 dollars.

We would like to thank Mrs. Kathie Sink for creating this event over a decade ago and helping to raise over $150,000 and awareness within our school community. She will be greatly missed in her retirement but we know she will still be involved in our district’s Relay for Life efforts.

On Saturday, May 20th staff members and their families walked to honor and remember those who have been touched by cancer at the Relay for Life at Southern Regional High School.

Through these events and countless donations from the community our students and staff have raised over $11,000 this Relay for Life Season!

On behalf of the district’s Relay for Life team we would like to thank everyone in the community for supporting our team and the American Cancer Society!

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Half Days

June 12, 13, 14 & 15

Last Day of School

June 15

6th Grade Graduation

June 14 5:00

From the Board of Education

Little Egg Harbor Board of Education

Office of the Superintendent

307 Frog Pond Road

Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

Phone: 609-296-1719 ext. 1010


District Office Administrators

Dr. Melissa Mc Cooley, Superintendent of Schools

Joseph Cappello, Interim Business Administrator

Erin Lichtenwalner, Director of Special Services

Jacqueline Truzzolino, Director of Curriculum/Instructional Services

Board of Education Members

Gina M. Frasca, President

August Daleo, Vice President

Robert Moncrief, Member

James Becker, Member

Dr. Donald Gross, Member

Matthew G. Maleski, Member

Martha "June" Palen, Member

Employment Opportunities

The Little Egg Harbor School District has immediate openings for substitutes. Be home when your children are home! Great way to earn extra money while you’re children are at school or if you are simply looking to supplement your income.







For more information call 609-296-1719 extension 1018 or you can download an application and substitute information on our school website click on district then click on substitute process.

2017-2018 Babysitter Form

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