@ East Rock High

Welcome to the wonderful world of chemistry!

My name is Mrs. Ogundipe (pronounced OH-GOON-DEE-PE).

I teach Chemistry , Chemistry 1 Honors and Chemistry 2 Honors. This is my third year at East Rockingham High (my twelfth year working with children in the States after my first couple of years teaching in Nigeria), and I'm loving every minute of it.

I am certain your child has seen me in my colorful patterns around the school - I love colors and patterns!

I have attached everything you and your child need to know and prepare for a wonderful SCIENTIFIC experience! Review with your child.

Above all, I love to teach, I enjoy teaching, and I am proud to be a teacher. So you can relax because your child is in good hands this year with me!

Who says chemistery? Here, Chem-is-try!

When I'm not teaching...

I take care of and spend time with my family - my husband and three kids.

I also love to cook/bake, crocheting, sew, and hairdressing.

Let me get to know you too!

I have attached our first homework assignment. This should be completed by the first day of school. I strongly believe that each child is unique and the classroom environment needs to be individualized to fit each child’s needs. The information provided through this assignment will help to successfully achieve this.

My contact info...

Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions through any of my contact information below.
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